Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mushy Me ~ Do Humor Me, Please

Before my planned post, I'd like to take a minute and go a bit mushy. Do humor me this, please. Sentiment always gets me around this time of year. *smile*

It's been a fantastic year, 2012 has, here at Ravencraft Romance Realm, and as I looked back over the amazing posts that were shared, I was struck anew at how lucky I am to be a part of such blog. Each day I re-read, I was reminded of what was happening around that time. You don't see all of the backstage workings that go on at the Realm, planning, support, leg work, they are a part of any successful blog.  But, RRR is different. These talented ladies aren't only awesome authors, they are truly loving souls.

Now, while we all have our assigned days to blog, it doesn't just stop at that. Sometimes tragedy strikes, whether with family, natural disaster, or our careers, and when it does, these wonderful Ravencraft sisters bond together to help and support the other. I love my sisters, can't imagine losing any of them. If you'll notice, there's an alumni list for those who've had to move on for one reason or other. It's located on the About Us page. The reason is clear. They're part of the Ravencraft family and we won't let go of that. They're always welcome back.

If you haven't yet, do check out the ladies on the left sidebar, there. Amazing women, all of them. I hope you find so, too, as 2013 brings us into a new magical year and more love from the Ravencraft Romance Realm sisters.

~ * ~

And now, as I looked over the posts in search of memories to share, I kept getting drawn to the interviews we've had with the greatest characters in the world. The story-stars of some of our feature books. From hot to fury, they all definitely have character.  Take a trip down the RRR memory lane with our Character Interviews of 2012.

Marius Zenward, Hero and Star of Clare Dargin’s Zenward’s Magic

Ravencraft’s Romance Realm Presents: Hero & star of Clare Dargin’s Zenward’s Magic, Marius Zenward agreed to an interview with Kay Dee Royal.

KDR ~ *<whispers to Danielle, Bri, Deanna, Sharon, and Charlene while Marius’ back is turned> And I didn’t twist his arm…promise, or he probably would have turned me into dust…maybe you ladies, too* ...

Mira, star of Ami Blackwelder's The Mers: A Mermaid Dystopian ~ Interview with Kay Dee, plus a Giveaway

Hello Mira, star of The Mers: A Mermaid Dystopian by Ami Blackwelder. Welcome and thank you for spending the day at Ravencraft’s Romance Realm and for answering a few questions about your story as told by Ami.

We’re curious about Mers and look forward to hearing all about these ‘beings’ and your story. So, let’s get started…

KDR ~ Mira, tell us about the Mers ~ who they are and where they live.

Mira ~ The MERS are a wonderful family of creatures that were once human, but who evolved webbed features after the Great Deluge. Peaceful and loving, they are the only family I know. 

Mira, star of Ami Blackwelder's The Mers: A Mermaids Dystopian

Cole Shilo, Story-Star of Charlene A. Wilson's Chronicles of Shilo Manor, Fills in the Blanks

Cover art set here to show you Cole Shilo *Mmmm*

KDR ~ Hello Cole, welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm. I’m Kay Dee Royal, the Ravencraft’s Romance sista who’s been looking forward all week to asking the BIG questions to YOU. I’ve been taken with your story as told by Charlene A. Wilson, Cornerstone Deep, and the latest edition (book in the series) Cornerstone Deep Echoes, which are a retelling of your life and times in the Chronicles of Shilo Manor (series).

So, without further delay…everyone, I’d like to introduce Cole Shilo. *smiles*

Daniel Logan ~ Story-star of Another Way to Die by Amy McCorkle at RRR

Hello, Daniel, and welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm, it’s great to have you as our featured story-star from Another Way to Die, a murder-suspense mystery romance by Amy McCorkle.

I’m Kay Dee…the interviewer on behalf of RRR and have a few questions I’d love to ask. I read your story and WOW, Daniel, talk about action-packed and full of obstacles. I ripped through your twist-of-fate kind of story in nothing flat.

I’ve been looking forward to spending some time with you and hearing the story behind the story…so to speak. Always more to the story, right? Things, Amy wouldn’t share…but you might.

So…let’s get started…

Story-star Interview with Sierra Brooks, Heroine from Shameless

Welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm, Cheryl Douglas (author) and Sierra Brooks (story-star) of ShamelessBook One in the Nashville Nights Series, a contemporary country-western romance.  

Cheryl interviews Sierra…and shares it here. Thank you ladies for visiting with us during your interview, we love it that you’re here. So, without further delay…take it away Cheryl and Sierra…

Cheryl Douglas's Story-Star from Shameless - Interview  

Interview With Ema and Jesu of Dark Heirloom

I did it!  I really did it!  I finally got to interview the stars of J.D. Brown's new novel Dark Heirloom in my little corner of the Realm!  I'm so excited about this book coming out that it feels like one of my own.  Settle in and relax for the chat.  I know it's kinda dark, but your eyes will adjust...a bit...maybe.
~ * ~

Charlene sets her copy of Dark Heirloom beside her chair then leans to turn on the electric fire in the hearth.  The heavy drapes swoosh as she pulls them to cover the picture window.  The room plunges into darkness and she squeezes her eyes shut to make them adjust quicker.  She opens them to a dim glow from the imitation flames.  Deep shadows hide much of the living room but with a quick swipe, she dusts the top of the mantel, knowing everything will appear clear as day to her guests.  Setting her hands on her hips, she nods with satisfaction. 

As she places blue plastic cups, complete with lids and straws, on the coffee table, the doorbell rings...

Ema Marx and Prince Jesu ta Korento, stars of J.D. Brown's Dark Heirloom

Hear it from Catz, story-star of Enchantment, a paranormal fantasy by Lawna Mackie

Hello and welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm, Catz, feline companion of Meeka, heroine in Enchantment, a paranormal fantasy romance by Lawna Mackie. I’ve been reading Enchantment, and have a great appreciation for your part in the story, Catz. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get right to some curious questions *smile*

How long have you been a companion to Meeka…and do you call yourself something other than companion to her?

Thank you for doing this interview. You are correct; I am a companion to Meeka and have been for many years. Humans would believe I am a regular house cat, but quite the opposite is true. I come from a species known as Lemrens.

Catz, story-star of Enchantment by Lawna Mackie (Interview)  

Interview With Philip and Darius, Stars of The Earthman's Bride

Despite my total lack of organization over the last week or so due to my RT Convention oriented mind, I have a great character post to share today.  And it’s all thanks to Toni V. Sweeney.  She took hold of the reins and conducted the interview with the stars—or should I say Icy did—of her novel The Earthman’s Bride.  I wish I could have sat in on this one!  These guys are way too fun to miss.  Their bickering alone has me wanting this book!

So, without further hold-up, I give you Toni.  Or Icy.  Or…well, go ahead….

Icy Snow Blackstone interviewing Philip and Arius of The Earthman's Bride.

Interview with Nikki, story-star of Sinfully Wicked, a contemporary erotic romance by Tina Donahue

Hello Nikki, welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm. I’m, Kay Dee, your host here today and looking forward to this interview ~ I mean ménage a trois fascinates me…and what lovely words to describe it *smile* Oh, boy, I’m jumping ahead here…sorry. Okay, if it’s all right with you, let’s get started…

Please give us an intro on who you are Nikki ~ maybe a bit about you before Sinfully Wicked began…and a little about you during Sinfully Wicked.

Hey, Kay Dee and everyone out there on the net. *waving* You want to know about me, huh?

Interview with Nikki, story-star of Sinfully Wicked by Tina Donahue  

Kay Dee Interviews Adalyra ~ Story-star of Heritage Avenged by Marsha A. Moore at Ravencraft's Romance Realm

Hello Adalyra, (such a beautiful name) welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm. Adalyra McCauley, also known as Lyra, stars in Marsha A. Moore’s fantasy romance adventure, Seeking A Scribe: Enchanted Bookstore (Legend One) and also in Heritage Avenged (Legend Two).  I’ve almost finished reading Seeking a Scribe…and look forward to your next wild fantasy adventure in Heritage Avenged. I’d love to hear your take on all of the stars in your story…I’ll do my best to keep it at a minimum of questions, but please feel free to add anything more any time…love to know your thoughts, Adalyra. 

Marsha A. Moore's story-star Adalyra interviewed  

Hannah, L.K. Below's story-star, is back to dish on the latest, Beauty in His Bed.

Hello Hannah – welcome back to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm! AND, thank you so much for being here to help us celebrate our one year anniversary.

Hannah is a story-star in Never a Princess Always a Frog, and she makes an appearance in Beauty in His Bed, both are short fairy-tale type fantasy erotic romance novellas…excellent reads I might add :)

You seem to be the woman in the know with your friend, Colleen, (heroine in Never a Princess, Always a Frog) and her cousin, Amy (heroine in Beauty in His Bed)…and a bit of a matchmaker, too :) So, we’re here today to talk about Beauty in His Bed by L.K. Below.

Okay, Hannah…let’s get started, if you don’t mind :)

Kevin Rau ~ Stephanie, Lance, Rael, Story-Star Interview ~ H.E.R.O. Metamorphosis

I’m truly excited about our featured guests today ;) The genre is a bit different from my norm for reading, but it is one I consistently watch on TV or at the movies ~ deep adventure, lots of action and danger, amazing superheroes, mixed with a nice dose of romance…love those special effects that go along with it. In the H.E.R.O. series author Kevin Rau pens in detail and excellent imagery, the stories of Stephanie Quinn a.k.a. (Psystar), Lance Casey a.k.a. (Spartan), and Rael Stromm a.k.a. (Black Tiger).

A romance reader may not consider books such as these as ‘romance,’ but might I add with emphasis…they are romance in an over-the-top Alpha/Superhero sort of way. I love these heroes…how their power comes to them, how they make their personal discovery of it, and what they do with those powers to help others.  Might I add, I was pleasantly surprised by my continuing interest in their story and looked forward to turning every page (even though I’m not quite finished with their story, but it’s only because my reading time is so limited :)

Now, without further delay I’d like you all to meet the three main superheroes of H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis…I’d like to add for everyone visiting - ask questions to them in the comments area – they love to answer them. They are the most helpful superheroes I know;)

Kevin Rau ~ Character Interview - H.E.R.O. Metamorphosis  

What about you? Have any favorite posts from 2012 you'd like to share? I'd love to remember them with you. *smile*

~ * ~

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.  


Posted by Charlene A. Wilson, paranormal romance author.

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Sharon Hamilton said...

I did like Paolo Monteleone's interview - I have a special relationship to him! He can call me creator and tuck me in at night any night. LOL. Just had to plug him...

I agree with you, Charlene, these have been great interviews, and great guest authors. The sisterhood here at RRR has been wonderful, and continues. We all come from different genres, but mesh together to make a strong tapestry tent in the war zone that is writing. But all of us chase the same dream, together. Not in competition. Together.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Louisa Bacio said...

You are amazing, Charlene. Thanks for sharing your own strength. We live full lives, like everybody, and so good to have the support of our "sisters."


Charlene A. Wilson said...

You can plug all you want to, Sharon. It's one of the things we do best here...share great authors' works. :)

Oh, thank you, Louisa. You're such a doll. And thanks for letting me get mushy here for a moment, ladies. :)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Charlene - Big mushy hugs:) Since day one of becoming part of the Ravencraft's Realm I have felt the kinship and sisterhood. It's definitely something worthy of holding tight to with honor, trust, and love;)

I'm not sure if I can choose just one post - We've had a few major events, welcoming a number of authors for a weekend or so - but this last 12 days of Christmas has been such a wonderful way to know more about my RRR sisters and the wonderful readers who contributed their own memories in the comments.

It truly warmed my heart...and what an amazing way to welcome in the New Year:)

Happy New Year sisters and to everyone who stops in to visit, comment, or view our posts! Thank you all for such a warm and wonderful 2012...and here's to an amazing 2013;)

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Tried to comment but Blogger "broke". If you get this, consider a test run... :)

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Ah! It figures that last comment worked! Of course, my REAL comment was eaten by Blogger trolls. *shakes fist*

Anyways, love you ladies! It's been an honor blogging with you and getting to know all of you. :)