Friday, June 8, 2012

How Do You Take Your Character

The heart is a fickle mistress...and lets all be honest she is our mistress. Even to those that suppress her power. No matter how long one day she will prick and stab and then like a thief in the night you find yourself loving someone. Or at least that's the way we like to write it.

Take our male protagonists...the wonderful Alpha Male we female readers continually gush and goo over. OK we may not goo over him but by gosh we keep buying books where he's there. There is delicate balance to maintain to keep the illustrious Alpha from going over into ass territory. And the always refreshing Danielle hit the nail on the head when she wrote this post called, "When Alpha Males Go Wrong."

So back to our mistress the heart. I find myself typing away lately in a novel or project that could see light. It could not.  Such is the way of the writing life. What I'm encountering though is I am writing completely from the male perspective. This guy is a piece of work and boy do I like making him hurt. I know that sounds just awful but it's the truth. It's through him feeling that I will finally make him realize...or really it will be Aribelle who shows him his philosophy in life is pretty fing crazy. 

After a 20 year marriage his wife cheats on him which ends in an agreeable divorce. The last two years have been awful to begin with. He's ultimately become a single parent to their two boys. Wife is lazy and uninvolved. One thing I love about this guy is he's a fabulous father. Career wise he is just as successful as in fatherhood. He's the product of a single mother household with a very evolved idea about women in society. However, he believes that it takes more than one person over the course of a lifetime to fulfill the intimate needs of a person. Obviously a product of his wife's affair. In fact because he travels he has at least ten women in different places that he has an intimate relationship in conjunction with his live in girlfriend. Of the 10 they know there are others although live in doesn't. 

Then one day he meats Aribelle. She challenges everything he's ever believed. The problem is she's married and deeply religious.

Obviously this is not my regular work. But I've really become invested in this story and this character. I want better for him. 

What about you reader dears. How do you take your character? With growth or a neat little package?


Bri Clark said...

Bleh!! I was late again. Sorry...but hey it was before lunch right!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi we're talking heroes/alpha males and how you like to make them hurt (grins)

It's a toss up how I like to read the hero - sometimes (as I've mentioned in the past) I want a nut and sometimes I don't. Honestly, how I want my alpha in a story hinges on my mood at any given moment...yeah, I know...don't even talk about me to my hubby.

Let's just never gets old or boring that way *smile* My final answer - I change them up (I think)...although, not sure I've ever had -as you describe it- a neat little package. (LOL)

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Great post Bri. I always like characters who are a little flawed in their ways and need to change. A neat little package as you say gets boring. Flawed characters are far more interesting and realistic. Whether it's the Alpha Male or the Heroine or even a secondary character doesn't matter to me. There is always room for growth. :)

Sharon Hamilton said...

Bri, you weren't as late as I am/was/am...whatever.

We are all wicked how we like to twist and turn the Alpha into knots. That is the best part of reading them. You reference Fifty Shades, and boy what a package that guy is!

I guess I like them good and scary, seriously twisted and conflicted by the woman who "brings him to his knees," as Kay Dee so nicely said some months ago. I like them pissed off at being lead around by the nose, powerless to stop it, but mad at the whole world because of it. Or something on that order.

Great post with some super questions.