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Cate Dean ~ Crystals and candles and jewelry, oh my!

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Hello Cate, welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm. Your guest post totally resonates…I love those types of stores. In Cate’s newest release, Rest for the Wicked, Book 1 of the Claire Wiche Chronicles, a paranormal suspense romance, Claire owns a Wicca shop called The Wiche’s Broom (love that name). Read more about Cate’s story below…for now, let’s get to that post of yours, Cate…

Crystals and candles and jewelry, oh my! Why I love New Age shops…

I grew up in Southern California, surrounded by beach bums, hippies, and yep – New Agers. From the time I was little, I’ve had a deep love for the shops that sprang up to cater to them.

There is nothing like walking into one of these places. They are usually small, and always jam packed with stuff. The first whiff when you walk in the door will tell you if the owner likes patchouli, or prefers to burn incense. And the treasures – ah, the treasures. There’s always a new surprise lurking in the next nook, on the tucked away shelf. These wonderful finds vary, according to the shop owner’s taste – which makes visiting new shops so satisfying.

 Exploring the merchandise on offer can take hours. I’ve been in some good sized shops where I could pack a lunch and spend the day. Add in a shop owner who can answer any question, and will tell me at length what their thought is on any given subject, and I’m in New Age heaven.

In Rest For The Wicked the main character, Claire, owns a Wicca shop, in a Southern California beach town. Part necessity, part livelihood, it is the perfect place to center the stories I will tell about her and her friends. These shops can – and do – carry every whimsical bit of merchandise you can imagine, plus more. Which makes it a perfect setting for a witch, or two. Along with a whole host of interesting, not always human characters.

So – been to any great shops lately?;)

And in the spirit of all things New Age – I am giving away 5 beautiful amethyst crystals. Just leave a comment here today for your chance to be one of the lucky winners. (Don’t forget to leave your email address. Drawing will be held sometime after noon EST on 5-12-12 and winners announced on this site).

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Rest for the Wicked

By Cate Dean

Book One The Claire Wiche Chronicles

Claire Wiche is an ordinary woman, running her Wicca shop, The Wiche’s Broom, in an ordinary California beach town.

But Claire wasn’t always ordinary, and she isn’t quite human. She hides a secret, and a past she thought she had put behind her.

A past that is about to explode into her present.

When it does, and everyone she loves is in danger, Claire must face up to her past – and become what she left behind in order to save them.


Claire Wiche guided her unhappy customer through her shop, one arm around the woman’s hunched shoulders.

“You know I don’t do love spells, Mildred.”

“But I know if he could see me, really see me, he’d fall desperately in—”

“Would it be real, if he’s under an enchantment?”

Mildred pouted, not a pretty sight on an eighty-year-old woman. “What happened to the customer is always right?”

Biting her lip on a smile, Claire walked her through the open door.

“Never been my policy. And I have good reasons for that.” She rubbed the old woman’s arm. “You go on home now. I’ll phone you when my new shipment of crystals shows up.”

Leaning against the narrow porch post, Claire watched her toddle down the sidewalk, sunlight bouncing off the thin silver poodle curls. The morning gloom had burned off early, and it looked like the start of another beautiful day.

She crossed her arms, cold despite the sweater she slipped on earlier. It took longer to warm up lately, a fact she did her best to ignore.

“Are you cold again, Claire? It’s got to be at least 80 in the store.”

Unless, of course, a well-meaning friend shoved it in her face.

She turned around, forced a smile. “Is it, Annie? I must have forgotten to turn it down this morning.”

“How could you not notice? The candles are sweating.” Annie Sullivan—the lively, no-holds-barred friend Claire never expected to have in her life—stepped across the small porch that ran along the front of the shop, her almost six foot height topping Claire by a good ten inches. She caught one hand before Claire could shove them in her pockets. “You’re like ice. Again.” She looked down at Claire, concern in her warm brown eyes. “And you’re avoiding. Again.”

With a sigh, Claire squeezed her hand before easing out of it. The warmth in Annie’s fingers made her skin tingle, yearn.

“Time to turn that heat down before the candles become a puddle.”

Annie followed her back inside, hovering while she adjusted the thermostat to a more reasonable temperature. She would need a heavier sweater.

“Come on,” Annie said, hands on her hips. “Give.”

Shaking her head, Claire smiled, a real smile this time. “Would I’m just cold and tired do it for you?”

“Hardly.” Annie stood in front of the counter, looking like a golden Amazon ready for battle. “But it’ll have to until I can get you drunk and pry the truth out of you.”

Laughter burst out of Claire. “I’d like to see that.”

“Yeah, so would I. If you actually touched the stuff.” She gave Claire a wicked smile. “I could always slip you a mickey.”

“You could—if I wasn’t able to smell it from across the room.”

 “Slapped down again. Hey—what if we just tried—”

“Not again. Never again.” Claire still felt the residual agony from her one failed attempt at social drinking.

“How do you do that?” Those warm brown eyes narrowed as they studied her. “How do you always know what I’m going to say?”

Claire reached up and patted her cheek. “I’m a witch, sweetheart. It’s what I do.”

“Wait.” She grabbed Claire’s hand, pushed her sleeve up to reveal the bandage that peeked out. “Is that another tattoo? What is it this time?”

Claire flushed. The second reason she put on a sweater this morning.

“A triquetra.”

“More protection? Jeez, Claire, the pentacle on your hip isn’t enough?”

“There is no such thing as too much protection.” She pulled free and walked around the counter. “And the subject is closed.”

“Okay, I can take a hint. I’ll drop in sometime tomorrow, see if you need any help during the festival madness.”

“That will be most appreciated.”

Annie strode to the door, her long legs taking her through the small shop in a few paces. She paused in the doorway. “Hey, Claire—I’m worried, and I poke when I’m worried. I’ll leave it alone for now. But if you don’t get better, I’ll do more than poke.”

“Annie.” She stuck her head back in. “Don’t you even think about taking on Mildred’s love spell.”

Color rushed into her cheeks.

“I wasn’t—”

“I mean it. Last time you nearly had your victim falling in love with her cat.”

“Never gonna let me live that one down, are you?”

Claire smiled. “Not if it keeps you from trying again.”

Annie cursed under her breath and stalked out.

Chuckling, Claire made a mental note to put feelers out. Annie had more than enough power, and just enough knowledge to make her dangerous.

Without warning the pain stabbed her; a blade of ice in her gut.

Bracing her hands on the counter, she fought to breathe, fought to keep herself upright. Shaking so hard her rings clattered against the granite countertop, she gained enough control to lower herself to the chair that she recently added, out of necessity.

“God above—” She pressed both arms against her stomach, prayed for a slow morning. If she believed God would actually listen to her, after all this time, she’d ask the single question that haunted her.

Is this how it feels to be dying?


About Cate:
Cate Dean has been writing since she could hold a pen and put more than two words together on paper. She grew up losing herself in the wilds of fantasy worlds, and has had some of her own adventures while tromping through the UK, and a few other parts of the world. A lover of all things supernatural, she infuses that love into her stories, giving them a unique edge. When she’s not writing, she loves cooking, scaring herself silly in the local cemeteries, and reading pretty much anything she can get her hands on.

Website; Twitter; Facebook Page; Goodreads

Cate, thanks so much for hanging out here today – it’s been fun! We look forward to your next book in the Claire Wiche Chronicles. 

Thanks everyone for stopping in to visit with Cate ~ don’t forget to leave a comment and be automatically entered into Cate’s drawing.


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning Cate...welcome to Ravencraft's. Come on in and make yourself at home.

This place is a bit different than mine ~ there's more hostesses here:) Loved the interview yesterday at my place, and your guest post today sort of sews up what it would be like to walk into Claire's Wicca shop.

Crystals and their healing properties are a part of my life...children's and grandchildren's also:) We're all rock collecters *grins*

Essential oils, candles, herbs...favorites being lavender and sage ~ and I can hear the tinkle of bells and smell that patchouli you mention...the energy inside those shops is just yummy:)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm after that tea - flavored green tea OR Earl Grey this morning?

britlily said...

Good morning, Kay Dee! I'll take green this morning, thank you. :) I love New Age shops, and have been to them all over the world. Every time I walk into a new one, it's like coming home.

Ialso meditate, with an amethyst I've had for years, and I have my own rock colllection. ;) And I'm a big lavendar fan, as well. Thank you for having me here today! This was a fun post to write, and one very close to my heart.

Kay Dee Royal said...

I can tell your post brought back great memories:)

I made some green suntea - added a bit of herbal Black Cherry to it. Love this stuff.

Congratulations again on your series, sounds like an excellent read.

Sharon Hamilton said...

I myself now want to go rub Shea Butter all over myself, and then take a lavender bubble bath and then go find my husband.

I lived those days. Flower children never die. They preserve well. And the human spirit is more resilient than the body.

Interesting read. Love your ideas, and humor.

bn100 said...

Very fun post and great excerpt.


Cate said...

Great times, weren't they, Sharon? Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for coming by, bn100 - it was a fun post to write! Loads of great memories.

Thank you again, Kay Dee, for having me here. And pass me some of that tea - yum. :)


Catherine Lee said...

I like crystals and candles and essential oils. We have an aromatherapy shop downtown very close to my office. They have a wonderful allergy spray that does wonders for my sinuses and helps me sleep.

I don't scare myself in cemetaries. I like them. They're peaceful and soothing.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Everybody...time for the drawing and we have a winner!!

Congratulations Catherine!!

Cate will be contacting you soon.

Thank you Cate for spending the day with us at Ravencraft''s been fun, and we hope you come back soon with your next release:)

Thank you everyone for stopping by and visiting with Cate & Ravencraft's.

Cate said...

Thank you, Kay Dee, for having me here! I would love to come back, anytime.:) And congratulations, Catherine! I'm glad you find cemeteries peaceful - for me, it depends on the cemetery. I've spent time in some that are just tranquil. Others, not so much. Thank you, eeveryone, for stopping by!

Catherine Lee said...

Whoo Hoo! I love authors and book bloggers who offer great giveaways. Thanks so much.