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Meet Romance Author Julia Barrett

So pleased to bring you my good friend and fellow Northern Californian, Julia Barrett. Her new novel, Beauty and the FEAST is available for all your ereading devices. One lucky commenter will receive a free copy today.

I have followed Julia ever since we first met, online, about a year ago. We've met for lunch and coffee several times. We've shared the highs and lows of writing, having our children grow up and get married. We spent a particularly fun afternoon in San Francisco with an editor, who will remain nameless. One would have to say it was a day from hell, right out of one of our books. But that's a story for another time. Julia and I can only laugh today about it. It would be the stuff of a good murder mystery: two writers wanting to kill the same editor...

I love her sense of humor. Her writing style is fluid and compelling. There is always something just around the bend that makes me laugh. Something unexpected. You can tell when a writer really loves their craft. And Julia clearly does.

So, here's the blurb and an excerpt for Beauty and the FEAST. I hope that you will, like me, follow this great writer as she splashes words across the sky. She's traveling today, so may not pop in until Saturday to respond to your kind remarks. But she will. She's dedicated to her readers, and other authors who are lucky enough to know her.


Eva Raines is an uncomplicated country girl who's all about food.  Eva moves to the Napa Valley where her culinary skills come to the attention of the owners of a start-up and Eva finds her niche as a personal chef.  Now all she needs is a man as perfect as her cooking, but she has serious doubts such a creature exists.
When wealthy entrepreneur, winery owner, and noted lothario, Gabriel Abbott, makes plans to seduce his flavor of the month, his assistant hires All Things to All People to cater a gourmet dinner.  Eva expects to use her way with food to showcase the startup.  What she unexpectedly discovers is that her culinary skills showcase far more.  Gabriel Abbott finds himself seduced by her voice and the sensual flavors and textures of her food and his previous plans are quickly forgotten.  He begins to obsess about meeting his little chef in person.  He's not alone.  Once Eva hears Gabe's voice and spends time in his home in the Napa Valley, she begins to wonder about the real man and her dreams of him are so hot they could ignite a barbecue.
When Eva and Gabe finally come face to face, the question is, how hot will their fire burn?

Sweet voice, noted Gabe, his mind rousing a little. Wonder what she looks like?
“Yes, Miss Raines.”
“Eva,” Gabe cleared his throat, suddenly uncomfortable discussing his plans for Stephanie with the woman on the other end of the line. Don’t be ridiculous, he told himself. He cleared his throat again. “I’m holding a small dinner party at my home in St. Helena on Saturday night. I need it catered.”
“How many people?” Gabe could hear that she was all business now.
A sharp, but quiet intake of breath on her part. If Gabe hadn’t been listening so closely he might have missed it.
“What time?”
“We should be there around seven.”
“Do you have an idea of what you’d like? For example, would you prefer a formal dinner or something more casual?”
Gabe thought for a moment. “Something in between. Nothing too heavy, but I want the food to be elegant.”
“To the eye and the palate,” Gabe heard her say, more to herself than to him, in that same sweet, soft voice. God, listening to that voice speak the words eye and palate made him think of things having to do with the eye and the palate that did not involve food.
Gabe cleared his throat again. “Yes.”
“Will you want us there to serve and clean up? Or would you prefer to serve your guest yourself? We can arrange to clean up the next day.”
Gabe chuckled. Eva, with the sweet voice, knew exactly what he had in mind for his guest. “I’d prefer to serve myself.”
“Do you cook, Mr. Abbott?” She paused. “What I mean is, do you want me to start the meal and leave it for you to finish? Otherwise I can have everything ready to go and all you’ll have to do is enjoy.”
“The latter,” he replied. Suddenly Gabe couldn’t remember why he’d worried about using an unknown chef. “I think I’ll leave the details up to you.”
“Thank you,” she said. “But I do have a few more questions.”
“I need your address and I’ll need access to your home on Friday, if you don’t mind, and then of course on Saturday morning. I assume you have a wine cellar. Are there any particular wines you wish me to use?”
“As far as the wines are concerned, use your own judgment. You’ve had some experience with my wines?”
“Yes, Mr. Abbott, I have.” Of course, he thought. In his mind’s eye, he could see a young woman, her features vague and misted, sipping one of his wines. His Pinot Noir.
“The house is small, more like a cottage. The wine cellar is in a separate temperature controlled building out back beside the pool. You can’t miss it. As far as getting in on Friday, my gardener should be there. His name is Luis Gonzales. I’ll let him know you’re coming. If he’s not around, you can find an extra key stashed in the drawer beneath the bird feeder by the front entryway. Make sure to return it there when you leave. I’ll have my assistant email the address and the house phone number to your office.”
“I just have a couple more questions Mr. Abbott. Are there any food allergies I need to be concerned about? Any intense food dislikes I should take into consideration?”
Gabe grinned. No one had ever bothered to ask him about food dislikes. “Green peppers,” he told her, “I hate green peppers.”
He heard Eva laugh softly and he felt surprisingly warm. “No green peppers,” she agreed. “Thank you, Mr. Abbott. I’ll do my best to make your dinner a success.”
“Gabe,” he said. “My name is Gabe.”
“Thank you…Gabe,” she breathed. She clicked off.
Gabe stood still for an instant then he turned and walked to the window that overlooked San Francisco Bay. Eva Raines. He said the name quietly. It rolled nicely off the tongue. He spun around and stopped in the doorway.
“Marsha,” he said. “Please email that company, All Things to All People. Send them my address in St. Helena and my phone number there. Would you mind making the financial arrangements?”
“No, not at all.”
“Find out about this chef, this Eva Raines’ future availability. Just an inquiry. Nothing definite.”
“So, I take it you think she can handle this?”
“She seems to think she can,” he replied. After a moment he asked, “Marsha, what do female chefs look like?”
Marsha snorted. “You’re asking me? How would I know? My kitchen might as well be across the Pacific Ocean for as much time as I spend there. I suppose they look like male chefs, big.”
“She didn’t sound big,” Gabe replied.
“And you could tell this through your cell phone?” Marsha raised a skeptical eyebrow.
Gabe turned the phone over in his hand. “Yes, I could tell through my cell phone.”
“I hate to disappoint you, boss, but cell phones can be deceiving.”
“You are the consummate cynic, aren’t you?”
“Only because of men like you.” His assistant winked at him. “If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time wondering what the chef looks like. I’d worry about whether or not Miss Lindstrom will like her food.”
Gabe laughed. He returned to his office and flipped open his phone. He pulled up Miss Raines’, Eva’s, number and saved it to his contact list. E. Raines. Cell.

Julia Rachel Barrett believes in true love.  She writes romantic fiction in a variety of genres.  She writes a little poetry and even dabbles in nonfiction.  She lives her tagline -Romance with a hint of Jewish mysticism and some really great sex
Julia and her family reside on the West Coast.

You can follow her at:

Thanks for stopping by today my friends!!

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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Thanks for hosting me, Sharon!

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Safe journeys. It is entirely my pleasure!!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Oh my the title and your cover. Kudos on both. Your excerpt sounds compelling and intriguing.

Thank you for making Ravencraft's one of your stops's a so nice to have you here.

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Knowing Julia, she's whipped up something very sweet and absolutely yummy! But she'll probably have to tell you when she lands.

Darn! We have to wait. Did you know she is a gourmet cook?

Casey Wyatt said...

Hi Julia! You know I'm a huge fan of Beauty and the Feast - awesome read!

And, now I totally understand one of the scenes in Incorporeal with the editor from Hell! (I hope I have the right book- brain is tired from spending all day having fun!)

Sharon Hamilton said...

Casey, thanks for coming out yesterday. Julia and I could tell some stories...but our lips are sealed.