Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hear it from Catz, story-star of Enchantment, a paranormal fantasy by Lawna Mackie

Hello and welcome to Ravencraft’s Romance Realm, Catz, feline companion of Meeka, heroine in Enchantment, a paranormal fantasy romance by Lawna Mackie. I’ve been reading Enchantment, and have a great appreciation for your part in the story, Catz. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get right to some curious questions *smile*

How long have you been a companion to Meeka…and do you call yourself something other than companion to her?

Thank you for doing this interview. You are correct; I am a companion to Meeka and have been for many years. Humans would believe I am a regular house cat, but quite the opposite is true. I come from a species known as Lemrens.

Truly interesting…so, can you explain a little about what a Lemren is?

We are a highly intelligent species sent to earth when it is suspected a human may, should we say, hold special abilities. In other words…power. Meeka was just that type of being. Earth has been known to misuse magic and our goal is to try and keep the universe stable.

So, more or less, you’re a guardian of magic and those that wield it. Hmmm. Tell us a little about Meeka…your love for her is so obvious. She’s very lucky to have you in her life.

It’s uncommon for Lemren’s to care as deeply as I do for Meeka. She’s had a very difficult life and despite all the odds, overcame many obstacles. I do love her very much.

What are your thoughts about Kerrigan? He seems pretty macho as the protector of Enchantment.

Macho would be stating it lightly, but he does have a large responsibility when it comes to looking after the world of Enchantment. He was attracted to Meeka right from the start, but then again, Meeka was also attracted to him.

What is Enchantment…where is it?

Enchantment exists in a parallel dimension to Earth. Nobody on Earth would know of its existence. The world was created by magic and although it may seem perfect, it most certainly has its issues. Earth is not the only realm needing Lemrens.

Wow…so other worlds need protected…I knew we weren’t alone in the Universe. *smile*

I’m not too far into the book, but I’ve just met Threeo, a hipodogwl. What do you think of this creature?

<She blinks slowly and yawns> Threeo is a very unique creature. Apparently, he is a magical compilation of animals from Earth. He’s part hippopotamus, dog and owl. The creature talks incessantly. But for all his imperfections, I admit his visions are an asset. I also enjoy teasing the critter.

There’s something truly sinister about Thalius, a high counselor in Enchantment. What’s your spin on this man?

<Her eyes narrow and her tail swishes> Thalius is pure evil and not fit to live. Thalius is a perfect example of what happens when magic is abused. The high counselor’s have let greed and selfishness get the better of them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Enchantment, Meeka, Kerrigan, or any other being in the story?

I enjoyed my time on Enchantment with Meeka and the others. The world is very beautiful complete with pixies and a species called Funny Fish. I’m not sure what lies in store for the world, but I won’t worry about that as long as Meeka is in no danger.

What are your thoughts about working with Lawna Mackie…don’t be afraid to be honest (Meeka will protect you) *smile*

<She grins and swipes a paw over her nose> I’ve enjoyed my adventures with Ms. Mackie…never a dull moment. I look forward to many more escapades.



What not to do? Well, for starters, DON’T render yourself unconscious by falling out of your canoe while trying to grab onto a beaver dam. Secondly, don’t wake up in a world that outlaws strangers, and, above all, DON’T fall for a guy whose main job is to banish you from the world.

Meeka is searching for peace, a magical reprieve from the heartbreak of her past, perhaps even a dashing hero, and she finds it all – for a moment. The world of Enchantment she blunders into is certainly peaceful, until Meeka discovers her dormant magical abilities. Furthermore, there is a gorgeous knight in shining armor – Kerrigan – but he turns out to be a part-time dragon sworn to protect the intoxicating land of Enchantment, a duty that includes removing all foreigners, the fascinating Meeka included.

To further complicate matters, sparks literally fly between Meeka and Kerrigan. An undeniable attraction continually forces them together in a riptide of unleashed passion, but evil forces are determined to destroy the dragon, take control of Meeka’s newfound powers, and use her as a weapon of mass destruction.

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Catz, it’s been wonderful having you as our featured guest story-star today…thank you for taking time to be with us. You’ve given us a lot of compelling insights about your story, along with Meeka.

Look forward to reading the rest of your story…still have a little ways to go. There are definitely elements of romance between Meeka and Kerringan…and I got to know all about it. *smile*

Thank you to everyone for stopping in to visit with Catz. She’s here to chat…so leave her a question or comment.

On behalf of Ravencraft’s Romance Realm,

Kay Dee


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning wonderful having you here at Ravnecraft's Romance Realm. I'm not sure what your preference is for a morning drink, but I'm sure we have something you'd like that we can offer. You name it, I'll fetch it for you.

I brought a nice fluffy afghan if you'd like to make yourself comfortable. *smile*

Roxy Boroughs said...

Hi Catz. Sounds like you're very protective of Meeka. Is that a difficult job?

Bri Clark said...

OK this is just splendid! I love this whole concept. Thank you for coming and sharing.

Lawna Mackie said...

Thank you for your comments. Yes,indeed, I'm very protective of Meeka. I'm proud of her. Having said all this, she is more than capable of taken care of herself...she is after all a very powerful sorceress.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Now this sounds like my kind of book. Love love the magical element. It's great to meet you, Catz.

Lawna Mackie said...

It's nice to meet you to Charlene. I'm sure you'll love the world of ENCHANTMENT.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Hi Catz and Lawna! Wonderful to visit with you and learn more about what makes you meow. Love Threeo, such a cute critter to look at. I love this story, everyone should rush and get a copy of their own. Is there a sequel??? hint hint


Louise Behiel said...

I am not a cat person, usually, but Catz sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read this book, which is in my kindle already

Lawna Mackie said...

I'm blushing Nancy and Louise! Geesh, what would I do without friends like you two! There could very well be a sequel. Catz wants the sequel...Happy reading.

M. Williams said...

If there is a sequel, count me in! Enchantment is such a great book to begin with. Catz, you are one of my favorites.

Brenda ND said...

Catz sounds like an awesome character. You make me want to visit the world of Enchantment.

Lawna Mackie said...

I think pretty highly of myself as a Lemren. I'm glad so many people seem to like me. Wait till I tell Threeo how popular I've become. That partial feathered critter thought he was more popular!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Catz, you've definitely been drawing in a crowd today *smile*. It's been wonderful! I love the idea of a sequel, too.

Thank you so much for being here today, Catz...and if it's all right with you, please give Lawna a hug for me...for being so understanding about you coming here for the day.

Lawna Mackie said...

It's been my pleasure Kay Dee. Thank you for hosting me on your lovely site. Lawna say's thanks very much!