Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Week Blog Hop Sign Up!

Good Monday, ladies and gentlemen!

Today I'm posting a reminder about our blog hop that starts this Wednesday Feb 8th !!!

This year, RRR is making Valentine’s Day last a full week with a 7-Day Blog Fest! Join us and blog for a week straight about romance, love, lust, and all things sensual. ~ Each day of the week (starting Wed. 8th and ending Tue. 14th) has a theme that relates to “First Love”. You can interpret the theme and blog about it any way you want to, but the more creative you are, the better your chance of winning RRR's "Sexy Little Valentine Blog of the Year"! (Keep reading for more info about the contest and giveaways)

Daily Themes:

Wednesday, Feb. 8th – “First Sight”

Thursday, Feb. 9th – “First Touch”
Friday, Feb. 10th – “First Date”
Saturday, Feb 11th – “First Dance”
Sunday, Feb 12th – “First Kiss”
Monday, Feb 13th – “First Breakup or Makeup”
Tuesday, Feb 14th – “Best ‘First Love’ of 2011” (This can be anything from prop culture - celebrity couples, book characters, movie characters, a new personal love for mint cookies, etc....!)


  • All posts must be PG-13 or as close as possible. 
  • Each post must relate to the corresponding themes listed above in order to be eligible for winning. 
  • Skipping or being late to post will disqualify your blog from the contest – but NOT from the blog fest itself! (*Late* is after 6p.m. Eastern/ 5p.m. Central time).
  • Include the Blog Fest logo on all 7 posts (the pink image above).
  • Include the Blog Fest Linky embedded at the bottom of all 7 posts so that readers can easily "hop" to all the participating blogs. (To get the code, click on "Get the Code Here" at the bottom of this post).
  • Giving away prizes to your readers is optional but encouraged for more fun!

"Sexy Little Valentine Blog of the Year" Contest:
Each participating blog is automatically entered into the "Sexy Little Valentine Blog of the Year" contest and posts will be read and judged by the RRR authors.

We're judging each post based on creativity, use of the daily themes, and adhering to the rules.

The winner of the "Sexy Little Valentine Blog of the Year" award will be announced Sunday. February 19th.

To sign up, click on the "You're Next" link below and add your blog's information.

Prize:  Personalized Blog Award and a $10.00 eGift Card from Amazon or Barnes&Noble (winner's choice)

Daily Giveaways:  Don't have a blog? No problem, you can still win amazing prizes just for reading. The RRR authors will be giving away daily prizes to our commenters during the blog fest! So make sure you stop and see us during Valentine’s week.

Some of the daily giveaways include:

Gift Certificates to ~

Valentine Gift Sets and Romance novels ~

Romance eBooks ~

And More! Bloggers sign up below ~


booklover0226 said...

This sounds like fun. I'll be here!

Tracey D

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Great, Tracey! I'll keep an eye out for you. :)