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Ravencraft's Romance Celebrates Muse It Up Publishing Romance Authors

Tis the Season For Heroes & Heroines

Hello Everyone ~ Happy Holidays…You’ve come to the right spot to meet the Muse It Up Publishing and Muse It Hot Publishing Romance Authors and their deliciously awesome Heroes & Heroines. M-m-m-m Good *grins*

Wow…where to start…we’ve got a total of 17 excellent romance authors hanging out here for the weekend, all wanting to celebrate the spirit of Christmas…so not only are you going to learn a little about these authors, their romance stories, and their hero & heroine, you’re also invited to the party!

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I know you are all excited to meet the reason we’re all here – the Muse Romance Authors…so here is the first of them…the others will step up to center stage tomorrow (Dec. 18)…

Heroes and Heroines answering the burning question: What would they do for each other for Christmas?

Title of Book ~ The Lycan Moon by S. Durham

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Click Cover to Find out More about Lycan Moon

The Romantic Christmas Write Up:

Dana and Calen are celebrating Christmas late this year, as they have just returned from a trip to Russian Federation where Calen attempted to help Dana look for the father she’s never met ( he was last known to have been thrown into a Russian Prison at age seventeen).

Calen, wanting to cheer Dana’s disappointment at having hit a dead end in their search, takes a day to ‘scout’ the Olympic National Forest for property to buy. Finding a perfect cozy get-away cabin, he signs the papers and spruces it up.

The cabin rests in an isolated area rich with thick forest, where both he and Dana can roam and let their inner creatures free. The snow is thick and offers a magical muteness for their carefree and sensual romps.

Of course when they return to the warmth of their new vacation dwelling, Calen (being the thoughtful and loving man/werewolf he is) provides a crackling fire, with Chambord, Cream Brulee and catnip.

After a toast, Dana produces a small box, wrapped in red satin paper.  A wry smile on his face, Calen carefully opens the small package. “Dana, I don’t know what to say.” Inside is a Faberge egg, elaborately rendered in deep blue, brown, gold and red paints. A fierce, yet noble wolf, dressed in 18th century jerkin and pants, sits astride a brown mare. On the opposite side of the delicate piece, a simple heart is speared with a small dagger. ‘Du hast mein Herz für immer’, is intricately and beautifully written beneath the rubied heart.

Letting out a long sigh, Calen brushes Dana’s cheek. “And you have mine.”

Laying together on the thick rug before the fire, the flames willow and wan purple, red, and yellow, while Dana sighs in total and absolute contentment within Calen’s arms.  

Merry Christmas, Everyone, and I hope all your dreams come true!

Cheers, Sara

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Title of Book ~ Sleeping With Her Enemy by Pat Dale
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Click Cover to Find out More about Sleeping With Her Enemy
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
Winter had set in over the Rockies and the Morrison home was covered with more than a foot of snow. The fireplace glowed with the logs Dan had axed from the forest behind the huge cabin. Ana, in her fleece jumpsuit sleeper, came down the stairs, smiling at Dan as he sat, eyes closed, in his easy chair next to the hearth.
She said, “Sherry’s asleep, finally. She’s so excited about Christmas, she wouldn’t stop talking about it.”
He opened his eyes. “She’s got something positive in her life again, Ana. The last two years were no fun, especially this season. Peg always went all out to make Christmas special.”
He tried to keep his smile but she saw tears dribbling from his eyes. “I know, and that’s a part of her that will always be with you. Treasure the memories you have of her, darling. As I have with JP.
“I want so much to help you and Sherry enjoy what we have now. I’m not used to decorating, but if you’ll help, I want this place to come truly alive with Christmas spirit.”
He got to his feet and came to the sofa, dropping down beside her. “I have an idea. I used to put lots of lights up around the outside of the house. We’re kind of alone up here, but Sherry loved to see it all lit up when we came up the drive at night.
“Colored lights reflecting off the snow cover makes it a fairy tale setting. We’ve got lots of decorations for inside, too. Would you like to use them this year?”
She pulled him into an embrace, and kissed him on the lips. “Oh, yes, I’d love that, darling. After all that happened last summer, I want to celebrate our new life with everything we’ve got. I love you so much.”
They kissed again and her heart leaped for joy as he deepened the kiss. She had a secret to share with him, but had waited for the right moment to reveal it. Something inside said this was the moment.
“Sweetheart, I have a Christmas present for you but it won’t be ready for a few months. I’ve been wanting to tell you.”
He said, “Hmm. A belated Christmas present? What could it be, I wonder?” His eyes gleamed as he put his hand on her tummy and felt the slight bulge there. “Ana, are you trying to tell me…”
She grabbed his head and planted a fierce kiss on his lips. “I am. Sherry’s going to have a little brother or sister, too early to tell which.”
Tears of joy streamed down his face. “When-”
“About Labor Day. Appropriate, huh?”
They both roared as he hugged her tight. “And then some. This is wonderful! We’re going to make this the best Christmas ever!”
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Title of Book ~ Connection of the Minds by Roseanne Dowell  
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Click Cover to Find out More about Connections of the Minds
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
Rebecca Brennan's Special Christmas
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love the lights and decorations and the festive mood. This year, I'm planning something special for Jeremy. It'll start Christmas Eve after dinner with his mother. I hope it snows. I love snow on Christmas. I asked my friend, Allison, to sneak into our apartment and light all the candles and she and my brother are installing the wall mounted fireplace in our bedroom that I bought Jeremy. To me there's nothing that creates a romantic mood like soft music and a fireplace. I prepared a basket with fresh fruit, dipping chocolate, and champagne. I can't wait to curl up next to Jeremy and ring in Christmas morning.
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Title of Book ~ Out of the Shade by Diane Barr
Genre: Urban Fantasy with a caress of Erotica

Click Cover to Find out More about Out of the Shade
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
Hi, I’m Gabrielle Tate from Out of the Shade. Though Jett and I haven’t declared our infatuation with each other, this holiday season we took the first step in that direction.
Fairies and the Supernatural communities adopted Christmas and most holidays that humans celebrate because of the spirit and cheer that humans exude during the holiday. Personally, I think it’s because of exchanging presents. Have you ever seen the childish look of wonder on a dragon? Let me tell you it was so sexy to see Jett tear open his present like a little boy and stare in amazement at his gift. Of course, dragons are known to horde and obsess over shiny or sparkly items, and his reaction to the silver and diamond, waterproof Citizen Echo Drive watch was more than I’d expected. He quickly slipped it on and the contrast of the silver against his tanned skin was startling and sexy. He showed off the watch exuberantly and with a grin by holding out his arm to Wila, Seymour and the convergence of fairies and pixies.

I ripped into the package that Jett had given me like a demon-possessed girl. The silver and ruby Eye of Ra necklace that lay nestled against black velvet actually brought tears to my eyes and I had to blink quickly to chase them away so no one would see how sentimental I actually am or how much his gift meant to me.  I punched his bicep playfully while thanking him and he thanked me by returning the punch. Yeah, this proves it, we have it bad for each other.
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Title of Book ~ Christmas Storm by Nancy Marie Bell
Note: No cover yet, releasing March 2012
Genre:  Romance
All Michelle wants for Christmas is peace of mind. The only storm bigger than the one in her heart is the one raging across the Alberta prairie outside her window. Finding an injured stray dog is the last thing she needs. Add to the mixture the handsome new vet who is taking over her beloved Doc’s practice and peace of mind is not in the picture. Cale Benjamin is too nice to be for real. Michelle is still smarting from being jilted by her high school sweetheart fiancé and not in the mood to trust any man, let alone one as drop dead gorgeous as Dr. Cale Benjamin DVM. The injured stray, Storm keeps putting Michelle in Cale’s path whether she likes it or no. She is distressed to find that the handsome young vet is sliding past her carefully erected defenses and into her heart. A few well placed nudges from Doc’s match maker wife Mary help the young doctor’s cause, but will it be enough to make the lady rancher allow him into her life?
The answer lies in the pages of Christmas Storm, find out for yourself.
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
Hey, Cale Benjamin D.V.M. here. My idea of a perfect Christmas Eve is me and Michelle sitting on the floor in front of the tree trying to put together some infernal toy for our kids. Two little girls and two boys, well maybe I should as Michelle about the four  kids part. After all, she has to do most of the work in  that department. My contribution is during the fun part, if you get my drift. I guess, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though, so far Michelle still has her running shoes on. She seems to think I’m like her ex-fiance and not to be trusted. If it wasn’t for Storm, the dog she rescued, I don’t think I’d get anywhere near her.
However, her argument with her brother was a stroke of luck for me. Michelle is living in my spare bedroom, I’m hoping by New Year’s Eve that will change.
Can’t you just see it, four little kids racing down the stairs of this old house and skidding into the big living room to stop by the big Christmas tree all twinkling with coloured lights? And Michelle, all sleepy eyed with her hair every which way looking so lovely all I can think about is kissing her silly. I’m thinking two blondes and two dark haired little ones, or maybe a red head or two like her gramma.
As long as Michelle Wilson, soon to be Benjamin if I can just convince her,   is part of my Christmas that’s all the magic I need. 
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Title of Book ~ Mind Over Matter by S.J.Clark
Genre: Romantic Suspense with Paranormal Elements

Click Cover to Find out More about Mind Over Matter

A romantic Christmas according to Rebecca McKenney
Rebecca would plan a Holiday scavanger hunt ending with lingerie and massage oil hidden under the pillow! A gift for both of them.
A romantic Christmas  according to Dan Cooper:
Have a down and dirty snowball fight, make sure Rebecca got good and wet, then offer to bring her inside and spend the rest of the evening warming her up. Of course, first he'd have to plan a trip to his hometown where it snows!
S.J. Clarke Links:
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Title of Book ~ Children of Subspecies by Mike Arsuaga
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

With the corporation rapidly ascending to world prominence under Samantha’s leadership, life looks good for her and her family. The majority of the Subspecies live in peace with humans, helping to rehabilitate the few remaining Ferals. The family boasts five healthy intelligent children, but from under the surface of this bright picture emerges the chilling reality they are developing like humans and will not emerge to be lycans or vampires. Most chilling of all they’ll have normal human life spans, a third of their parents’. Growing to adulthood, each child faces the issue in his or her own way. Sam’s protégé Cynthia, world famous as a fashion model actress and philanthropist, appears on any list of the most beautiful women who ever lived. She would trade it all to have children. Her wish is granted in a sadly left handed way while humanity experiences the greatest crisis in its history. Will the Whites, the corporation, and the Subspecies prevail over economic collapse and worldwide plague? Will the Subspecies die out as their hybrid children show none of their parents’ traits? Sam’s previously unshakable faith in the destiny of subspecies meets its greatest test.

No Page Yet 
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
That Christmas eve after the traditional family gathering, Sam and Jim slipped away to their room. Tiny Sam sat, bouncing on the great round bed like a child. Her scarlet tresses shook out around petite level shoulders. Beside her on the mattress, a silvery draw pouch glittered. Jim went to his dresser. “Don’t forget to close the door.” She said.
“What’s this?” she asked when Cynthia slipped the bundle to her while at the punchbowl.
“Check it out.”
Sam opened the drawstring, pushing past the top layer of tissue paper to get at the contents. A collection of pastel colored plastic objects greeted her inspection. “Sex toys?”
Cynthia scowled into her drink. Two depthless black eyes surveyed Sam from their height. “Not just any sex toys, but the top line. Regina’s Bedroom’s best.”
“I don’t know. We’ve never. Well I mean Jim and I have never…”
Cynthia laughed shaking all over, from the sable haired crown of her head to the red stiletto heeled shoes nearly two meters below. “Girlfriend, you and Doctor Jim have been together almost eighty years. You’re old enough. Think of me when you use them.”
Jim pulled a box wrapped in green tin foil from the top drawer of his dresser. The crimson bow glowed like a carbuncle as he presented the gift. “I-uh- got this for you.”
“Why save it for here? Why not give it when we exchanged in the family room.”
Red coloring flushed his cheeks. He looked down, shy as a schoolboy. “It’s, well, it’s personal.”
Sam smiled tore into the wrapping. Pulling the box open, she stopped stock still. “Why you old vampire, what have you got up your sleeve?” She laid the open box on the bed. Inside set in a plastic mold was a crinkly surfaced cylinder.
“I thought we might try something different. Besides, when I’m away it’ll satisfy your lycan urges.”
Sam agreed. He had a point, about her fits of she-wolf passion arising during his company business trips. They seemed to get worse with age.” Wherever did you get the idea?”
As if on cue, Cynthia’s long shadow passed in the hall, crossing the glow of Christmas tree lights. She paused and a molded kabuki white arm tipped with crimson nails shot into the room. A lanky thumb pointed skyward.
Returning to her gift she spied a logo on the exposed half of the open box: Regina’s Bedroom.
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Title of Book ~ A Trace of Love by Danielle Ravencraft & A Trace of Passion (releasing Jan. 2012)
Genre:  Contemporary Romance / Erotica

Click Cover to Find out More about A Trace of Love

Romantic Christmas Write Up:
            Trace paused and pressed a hand width-wise against the front of the guitar neck, silencing the riff of music notes as Ophelia handed him a cup of hot apple cider and then sits next to him on the couch. Trace slowly sipped his drink then placed the mug on the coffee table and removed the guitar strap from around his neck. He set the instrument aside and then wrapped an arm around Ophelia’s shoulders. “So what are we doing for Christmas, love?”
            Ophelia winced. “Right, couples usually spend the holidays together, don’t they?”
            Trace laughed. “Yeah, something like that I think.”
            “Mm, and you’re letting me decide this?”
            “Of course. We can do anything you want to do, just name it.”
            Ophelia chewed on the inside of her lip while gazing into her apple cider. “Well, I usually go to Alana’s house and have dinner with her and Joel and exchange gifts. You know, normal stuff, nothing rock star-ish.”
            “I can do normal,” Trace nodded. “And I’m sure Dad would love a nice sit-down dinner.”
            “Great, I’ll tell Alana to expect an extra guest.”
            “Let’s get a Christmas tree too.”
            “Trace, I’m sure Alana already has one up.”
            “I mean for your apartment.” He glanced around the small space. “And some lights too. Why don’t you have a wreath on the door?”
            “Okay, slow down, Rudolph. The party’s not going to be at my place.”
            “Maybe it should be. It’ll be our first Christmas as a couple and…” His gaze trailed off with his words but Ophelia knew what he was thinking. And maybe our last. She shouldn’t be so hard on him for wanting their holiday to be perfect – who knew how many more she’d get?
            She patted his lap and managed a smile. “Christmas here is a great idea. I can make a turkey.”
            “No, love, Christmas at Alana’s is important to you, I can tell.” His arm curled tightly around her shoulders, drawing her in for a kiss. “But it would be amusing to see a little thing like you tackle a turkey.”
            “Oh shush,” she swatted him. He laughed then pulled her in for another kiss.
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Title of Book ~ Betrayal’s Price by Lisa Blackwood
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Note: No cover yet, releasing Feb. 2012
For some, rebirth is not a reward.

Centuries ago the gods demanded Ashayna Stonemantle sacrifice her demon-tainted lover. She did, and then ended her own life. It didn't fulfill her obligations to the gods.
Reborn into a new body, with no awareness of her former life, Ashayna
must follow the whims of her ancient sentient magic and seek out Sorntar, Crown Prince of the Phoenix. Through Sorntar she will discover she is host to a Larkin—a spirit creature of vast power. If she can trust the word of a man who is part avian, he is host to her Larkin's other half. Their Larkins will one day awaken and force them into an unbreakable bond. When Ashayna and Sorntar are accused of possessing Larkins corrupted by an ancient evil, they must work together to discover what happened in the past to pit bondmate against bondmate. During their search, she falls in love with Sorntar, but before she can tell him, his tainted Larkin enslaves him. The gods demand she kill her beloved, as she did once before, but she will not do it, even if it's the only thing that will keep her soul safe from his darkness.
The Romantic Christmas Write Up:
Casting fleeting glances over the edge of her book, Ashayna watched Sorntar stifle his fourth yawn in a quarter candlemark, but instead of calling it a night, he merely propped his elbows on the table, rested his chin in one hand and returned his attention to the scroll. The oil lamps hanging from the ceiling flickered in a draft, their light burnishing Sorntar’s wings in warm tones.
Ever since she’d learned of the season of giving, Ashayna had wanted to make something for Sorntar, something to show him how important he had become. Yesterday, during weapons practice while Sorntar was matched with another sparring partner, she’d finally found a few minutes alone to finish her gift.
But how was she to sneak the heavy chain with its bronze medallion around his neck if he refused to give in to his need for sleep? With patience she’d have considered beyond her even a few months ago, she returned to the history book open on the table. The words certainly didn’t hold her interest, but the scent of beeswax lulled her nerves, and after several minutes she chanced another glance in Sorntar’s direction.
He was slumped over a stack of books, sound asleep. One hand rested on the partially unrolled scroll, the other on his thigh, close to the hilt of his sword. “Always really to protect me even in your sleep.” Ashayna walked over to stand next to him. Something in her chest tightened as she studied him. “Ah, you could steal a woman's heart without even trying. You’ve certainly stolen mine.”
His wings twitched gently, and she murmured nonsense to him until the quivering subsided. She tugged her gift free of her vest and carefully looped it around his neck. She was just adjusting the medallion on the chain where she noticed his lips curling into a smile.
“You’re faking sleep, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” He chuckled and looked up to meet her eyes. “I knew you were up to something and didn’t want to miss my chance to hear whispered endearments from my fierce little human bondmate.”
“Did you really just call me your ‘fierce little human’? Come here if you want to hear more ‘endearments’—I can think of plenty.”
“Peace,” Sorntar said, then looked down to study the medallion. “Thank you, Ash. I’ll always wear this close to my heart.” He reached down for her hand and brought it to his lips, brushing a gentle kiss across the back of her hand in a gallant gesture.
An answering smile curved her lips. “Well, if you put it that way, you’re welcome.”

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Thank you for joining the party at Ravencraft’s Romance Realm with the Muse It Up Publishing Romance authors & their heroes and heroines. We have a good line up yet tomorrow…so please come back for more fun with Muse Romance Authors!


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning everyone!! I've got the coffee bar open and I'm serving up anything you'd like...we have quite a line-up of great romance authors here today and another excellent line-up again for tomorrow.

Muse It Up Publishing & Muse It Hot Publishing Heroes and Heroines ~ What would they do for each other for Christmas...

Enjoy the party...tis the season!

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Good morning, everyone! *Waves to Kay Dee*

I'll be Kay Dee's assistant hostess today. :-)

Most of you know me already, either from the blog or from MuseItHot. But if you're knew here today, welcome, I'm Danielle Ravencraft and it's great to meet you! I hope you have a wonderful time with us this weekend.

So many great books and authors! Muse authors, I KNOW you're not a shy bunch, so please don't hesitate to chat it up in the comments. :)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Danielle! *HUGS* I'm so excited about today...could barely sleep last night (LOL)

You're right, there are so many excellent books in this group of Muse authors. Like your's...I'm looking forward to A Trace of Passion's release. It's soon now.

I might add - Muse books have exceptional covers also. Aren't they beautiful? I love mine...*smiles*

Okay...I'll be in the next room working on tomorrow's me when it's time to crack out the Bailey's...There's full coffee carafts on the counter over there.

Danielle - you did an excellent job with the holiday decor - the place is stunning...tree is beautiful...Geez, I'm tearing up.

Okay - I need to get to work - be back in a bit.

gail roughton branan said...

Mornin' girls! What fabulous Christmases all the heros and heroines are having!

SJ Clarke said...

Oooh, Kay-Dee. I like how you think. How early can we start with the Bailey's?

I don't know about the rest of you, but reading this post has put me in the mood for thiking up some of my own creative Christmas cheer:o)

I am so looking forward to interacting with readers this weekend.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Good morning everyone, I'm going to be gone for most of the day. Sorry I'm going to miss all the fun. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Kay Dee - I think I'll wait a bit for the Bailey's, but bring on the hot coffee!!! There's a good inch of snow outside and I'm dreading even opening the door for my dogs to go outside. LOL. And you know you did all the work this time, I just sat on the sidelines and pointed out where things should go. *wink*

Gail - I'm having tremendous fun reading through a post and adding titles to my TBR list for 2012. Christmas shopping for myself, I know, I'm so bad. ;-)

SJ - I hope we have a good turn out. Kay Dee and I are thinking about making this a regular thing, mixing it up with different publishers and different themes - though at the Realm, it will always be about the romance. :D

Roseanne - Thanks for stopping by, babe! I'm sure there will be plenty more to read and do here when you get back ~ and tomorrow too!

Kay Dee Royal said...

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Hi Gail *waves* I'm so glad you came by...hang out with us for a while if you can. You need a featured spotlight here sometime soon. *smile*

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I absolutely love your stars Dan and the story, the romance, dang, it's just a great read (LOL) I spent some time with it and it's very close to my heart.

Hey, Roseanne...hugs, girl. You must come back when you can - we'll be slingin' some merry cocktails this afternoon (not that I'm a drinker...but I do when it's a party like today is). We'll watch for you hiding.

Danielle, I'm finding out by surprise how much work you do...I go to do something and it's already been done (your so efficient). And our FB page...WOW! So professional.

Sharon Hamilton said...

What a Christmas smorgasboard of yummy reads. I'm going to savor it all day, like I like to do with really good chocolate (or used to). Good thing these reads aren't fattening!

Thank you authors for joining us today. It's so exciting to read new pieces from talented authors I've yet to meet. And how special that we all get to interact with authors we have learned to love (well, their books, ahem).

It's going to be a wonderful day, and I hope you come back and visit us again.

SJ Clarke said...

Danielle. Since I don't drink coffee, I'll take my Bailey's straight up. WooHoo!

Thanks for the kind words about the book. I love Dan and Rebecca too, and kind of miss them. The good news is there's more books coming in the series! Each team member at ASI will get their own story. Readers will visit with Dan and Rebecca again.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Kay Dee - I'm able to do this much because I don't have a life away from my computer...and to think I'm tied to a PC, just wait until I get a laptop!

Sharon - Good morning! Isn't this like...a Christmas dream for readers? I drooled a little, looking through all the books this morning. lol

Kay Dee Royal said...

Okay, SJ...I'll get your Bailey's straight up...Danielle's busy with the Christmas lights (darn things popped off again) ~ she's the tech savvy one around here, even though she'll deny it to the end. LOL

Here ya go, sweetie...enjoy. I put it in a tall glass so don't think you have to drink it all at once. *smile*

Hey...I thought you were bringing Dan & Rebecca with you today. They probably had big plans of their own going on, right?

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Maybe blogger will allow this post?

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Lisa - We see you!

Lisa Blackwood said...

It worked. Yah! It ate the one I tried to post this morning--I'm sure it had nothing to do with caffine withdrawl. ::grins::

Anyways, Hello everyone, good to see you all again. And it's fun to meet new characters, too. I have a feeling my to be read pile is about to get longer.

Sharon Hamilton said...

I'm in the same boat. I've realized long ago I have to live forever to get all those great books read!

Especially at my speed...

Nice to see you here.

S.Durham said...

Whoo, just blew in from the West Coast:) Sorry I'm late, still haven't had my coffee yet. I loved reading everyone's characters' take on Christmas, the dragon receiving the watch...priceless! Now I'm intrigued to meet all these interesting souls and creatures up close and more personal-grin.

I do have to leave and get some serious Christmas shopping done with my sister in law today, but I'll be back tonight for some Baileys...if there is any left that is:)



Alix said...

Hello everyone! *wave* I'm settled with the caffine and waiting for the brain to catch up. *chuckle* Had a run in with the creative fairy last night and was chained to the keyboard until I promised I'd work on a holiday short today. *shakes head* The things I do for my characters I swear! *laugh*

I told Jay and Joy about the party and had to bribe Jay with fresh baked cookies. Which of course I have to bake first! *laugh*

I'll pop back in a few, gingerbread cut outs are waiting to be frosted. *grin* Too many things to do and never enough time.

Hi Kay Dee! *waves* Hi Danielle! I'm looking forward to the party, it looks awesome around here. I love the scents of the holiday they always bring back happy memories. *smile*

Pat Dale said...

Sure is fun to see all these characters come to life again. It was inspiring to bring mine back and give them something they'd given up on. All these characters, Earthbound or not, have found a special way to celebrate the holiday and that's just bloody awesome!
Happy days, guys, and leave a bit of the Bailey's for me.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Lisa!! Isn't it great meeting everyone's story it!

Hi Sharon...big hugs, Ravencraft's sister *smile* Did Claire come with you, Daniel?

Sara - get that shopping done...have fun. And then come back for when we really cut loose *grins*

Alix...will you bring some of those frosted gingerbread men with you...please? Can you make one 6 ft. tall and paint on a face like Damon Salvatore's? LOL...just kidding. I wasn't going to mention his name first...but what the heck, it's a party!

Pat - I've got a bottle of Bailey's stashed away...don't you worry, you'll get some whenever you're ready.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Sara - Have fun Christmas shopping! Tomorrow's my turn to brave the lines. :-)

Alix - Welcome back, thanks for coming to an other one of our crazy holiday parties! Oooo, Can I have a gingerbread cookie? *Dunks the cookie in her coffee*

Pat - I agree it was so much fun to read all the character's different takes on the holidays, what fun imaginations and awesome stories we have.

Kay Dee - Somehow Damon's name always slips into our parties. We just can't leave him out, and who would want us too anyway? *wink*

Blueladyjl said...
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Blueladyjl said...

I just got your PM message on Facebook and unfortunately the link you sent in the message is non-functional. I still managed to find you though!

J Q Rose said...

What a wonderful party. I am enjoying the Russian tea cakes and the fudge. This place is full of fragrant candles, greens, and baking cookies. Oh yes, please, I'll have some warm cider, however it is plenty warm and sunny in FL today. I loved peeking into the lives of your characters today, Authors. What a delightful idea. Party on!

Mike Arsuaga said...

Hi All,
Been tied up with line edits for "Children of Subspecies" all day. Desperately trying to get it out before year end. Just sent it to my editor in chief, wife Cynthia for a last look-see before returning it to the publisher.

Get a hot coffee, pull up a chair and take a peek at my Christmas excerpt. I can promise it's so new, the cyber ink hasn't dried yet.


Alix said...

Kay Dee - I'll make one special just for you. *wink* With lots and LOTS of...err...fluffy frosting. *smirk*

Oooh! Russian tea cakes! I haven't have them in like for-Ever!

Hi Pat! Hi Mike! *waves*

Cinnamon and firs...even a crackling fire is going. Nice and cozy warm for all of us who are in the cold clime. *grin*

Party on Lords and Ladies Musers!


Sharon Hamilton said...

I'm not eating flour and sugar these days, so I think I'll just curl up with Daniel. I'll let him whisper things in Portuguese that I can only blush and guess about.

Kay Dee - I sent Claire shopping. This is her first Christmas as a human, afterall...Lots of making up to do.

Love this party! Oops - gotta go. Daniel wants to Samba!


Jolie said...

Hi Kay Dee and Danielle. Great party! I really enjoyed all the Christmas reads. They put me in the holiday spirit. I feel like baking cookies or shopping. Hmmm, I think I choose shopping. No mess to clean up afterward. I'll be back later for that drink. I'll need it after coming in from the cold. Happy holidays all,

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi, Merry Christmas everyone. You have some amazing books listed here. I love finding new authors and books to read. The cover for "The Lycan Moon" is amazing, the imagings being super imposed on one another looks cool.

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

Catherine Lee said...

Another fun "getting to know you" event. I've started my New Year's resolution early--to broaden my reading tastes--by discovering book blogs and new (to me) authors. Thanks for helping me with my resolution and for heating up my reading list!

Ho, Ho, Ho...

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Danielle, what a great idea to find so many romance authors in one place. I'm familiar with several of today's guests as I had the privilege of working with them as their line editor. I can attest to the quality and wonderful stories you've presented today. I am also a romance author at MuseItUp with three short stories: Love Delivery (contemporary), Lady In Waiting (historical) and Mirror, Mirror (time travel). Good luck and happy holidays to all.

Mike Arsuaga said...

So many great comments and imaginative beverage tastes.

lionmother said...

Hi Danielle, got here late, but I see the party has been going full swing. I see so many of my author friends here. I don't write romance, at least don't have a book out yet, but I love to read it! I would love to read all of these amazing books. So have fun everyone. Happy Holidays to everyone.:)

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Bluelady - I apologize for posting the wrong link. :( I went back to correct myself so hopefully everyone sees the right link now.

JQ Rose - It's good to see you again! My dogs are thrilled with the snow here, but not. LOL. I should join you in FL.

Mike - Isn't the wait just killer? I've become obsessed with checking my email, waiting for the mock up of my cover. :P

Alix - I don't think I want to know about the "fluffy frosting"...LOL.

Sharon - Tell Claire to meet me at the mall tomorrow! She would be such a fun shopping buddy!!!

Jolie - Happy Holidays to you! Have fun at the mall and thanks for stopping by.

Brandy - It's great to see you here an other weekend, thanks for coming. I agree, The Lycan Moon has one of the coolest covers at MuseItUp Publishing. I was drawn to the book just by the wolf shadows myself. :)

Catherine - An other awesome reader coming back for more, yay! We're happy to have you and thrilled you found some reads that interest you here. Have a great holiday!

Penny - Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm looking forward to reading Mirror Mirror. I saw the cover in the Muse store and was very interested by it.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Lionmother - Happy Holidays to you too! There are some great authors in this group, as you know. I'm proud to know them. :) Leave us your email so we can count you in for the contest!

Wendy said...

Hi All,
Lots of lovely romantic books on display. Plenty to choose from, for gifts to place under our Christmas trees. I envy you romance writers. Your books are all so successful. Merry Christmas.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi glad you found us, and hope you enjoyed it. You are entered into our drawing for sure. Thanks for th heads-up on the faulty link.

JQ - your creativity makes our place come alive...thanks for stopping and joining us, Muse sister.

Mike - congrats on wrapping up your line edits - I'm still working on mine...just got them back for round two of feels really good when those are done, doesn't it? *smile* yourself with Daniel, don't think I didn't notice you sent Claire off shopping so you could have Daniel to yourself. *smile*

Alix said...

Thought ya'll might get a kick out this. *chuckle* Mixing a double batch of soft sugar cookies, okay, no big deal. Have Joy in charge of my mixer -she can bake- and had Jay put thr soda in the buttermilk. No problem. *snicker* The problem came when I had to leave the kitchen to see to another activity happening -couple other characters decided they wanted to help out- *rolls eyes* I didn't make sure to tell Jay NOT to put the soda in the buttermilk. My bad. Anywho, he did and blend the expanded until overflowing! Instead of cleaning it up he cupped his hands around the bubbleing white mass and yelled for me. *wipes at tears* Sorry, I'm still laughing about it. Joy stood there laughing her rear end off! I don't blame her there, but still, I had a mess to clean up and Jay swears he's never helping again. *chuckle* He threw his hands up and stormed out...something about Christmas shopping. *snicker* Joy's still laughing and I am finishing up the batter. *groan* Baking is fun, but it can be messy at times!

Thought I'd share that with everyone. Oh the joys of baking during the holidays and with cahracters abound. *smirk*

I think this will work it's way into a holiday story now. hehe

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Wow! What a line up! Welcome to the Realm everyone. And a very merry Christmas to you all!

I'm getting around late, but I'm here. How about passing me a Swiss Mocha, Danielle. Gonna catch up.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Jolie - have fun shopping!! I want to drive around and see Christmas lights.

Brandy - so great you came to the party...yay! Lycan Moon's cover rocks for sure...and so does the story...I'm patiently waiting for the next book in the series.

Hi Catherine *waves*...I've seen you at a few places I've been...and I'm loving it. Thank you so much for joining our party. Muse Romance authors are pretty awesome *grins* Definitely worthy of making a readers should my list of TBR's.

Hello Penny - hugs, lady. Love that you stopped by. You've been busy with a book tour of your own the last few weeks for Mirror, Mirror. Congrats on it release!!

Hi Barbara! So nice of you to come join the party...isn't bright and shiny here? All these fantabulous Muse Authors and the stars of their stories are dancing around like there's no tomorrow...Whew, there goes Trace and Ophelia ~ Trace is singing as they dance around the room...Danielle's stars of her Trace of Love.

Kristin Snouffer said...

This is so awesome, gang!!!

Chocolate vamp men for all! Thank you Kay Dee and Danielle for putting this fest together!!

Adriana Ryan said...

Hehe, I'm glad you sent out the correct link. Hope the coffee helped! :)

This is such a fabulous gathering of talent and delicious books!! Yum!!

Thank you for having me!

Karen Cote said...

Hello Darling Danielle & Kay Dee! Just stop in for a quick wave. Looks like a great party! Love you guys and Merry Christmas

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hey Danielle - looks like you're keeping the crowd busy with a few games...don't pull that giant twister game out's a killer. ya sis.

Wendy...what are you saying, that your book isn't successful? Know that's not true *smile* I'm glad you're lets play bean toss over there with Bruce Jenvey and Jerry Race.

OMG - Alix! it. Thanks for sharing. That Joy and Jay/Jairo...poor dude. The way Joy reads him so well, she'll probably know what she's getting for Christmas before she unwraps it. What's your thoughts?

Hi Charlene!! *waves* Oh man...I'd love a Swiss Mocha also...please...

Pat Dale said...

Hello again, everyone! Got out of the house to do a little shopping. Third time out in two weeks and had to sit in the car while my lovely bride did the shopping.
'Nuff of that. Danielle, I hear you on the cover wait. I got mine for Evil yesterday and wanted to trumpet it to the world, but it is so perfect for the book, not at all Christmas like, I decided to wait to show it off. Now I have to wait some more before I can reveal the fantastic cover Niki came up with. Meanwhile, cheers all and thanks for saving me a dreg or two of that Bailey's. LOL!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Kristin...I'd love a chocolate vamp man Yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Adriana *waves*, so glad you made it too. I think the party is just really starting to shake it up. LOL Enjoy!

Karen...where are you going? I wanted to watch you dance on the tables tonight. Awww

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hey Pat - chum up to the bar, sir, we saved a good couple of shots for you.

Just to let you know - I wear armor when I go out shoppy this time of year - LOL Some of those people are really mean, and THEN, some are just plain angels.

SJ Clarke said...

Oh my. The party is going strong, I see. I've just sat down with a glass of wine. The Bailey's is chilling in the fridge. Dh is doing steaks on the grill while I visit with a great group of romance writers and an even greater group of romance fans.

I have to tell you all, my hubby is none to please with me right now. I've just added several titles to my Christmas wish list! And he thought he was done shopping.

Kay Dee Royal said...

SJ - Your husband is making steaks on the grill? AWWWE Awesome! I'm starving! LOL

My grandson is staying the I'm off to make us something for dinner...I'll be back to join the party later. Yell at me if Karen comes back and starts dancing on the tables.

Danielle, will you be her wingwomen? I don't want her falling. (Like she would...she's one heck of a dancer).

Alix said...

Oh yes, Lycan Moon is AWESOME! *laugh* And this from someone who's picky about what she reads. I had to stay up to finish it, I jsut couldn't put it down! The cover is great too. *grin* Another award winner in my book.

Kay Dee - she's already told me what she thinks it is. *chuckle* And the cray thing is? I wouldn't doubt if she's right! Knowing Jay/Jairo it is something that he'll enjoy too. I swear that's the only thing he thinks of when Joy's around. *shakes head*

Dancing on tables? *snicker* I enjoy a good game of twister too. Although, I fear I might get stuck! *laugh* Anyone up for poker? *looks around* We can keep it clean...okay, so we will WORK to keep it clean. *grin*

I have frosted gingerbread cookies if anyone wants to try one? They are soft with a fluffy sort of frosting I made from scratch. It tasts heavenly! *smacks lips together* Anyone? *holds out a spoon* I'll share.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!


MarthaE said...

I'm stopping by late in the day after shopping with my DH. It was a lovely day together.
These are wonderful excerpts. Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes to everyone for publishing success and Merry Christmas.
mesreads AT

lionmother said...

Sorry, Danielle, I forgot to leave it:

I do hope I win some of these romance novels.:) I'm almost out of books and might need to buy some new ones.:) We read the BEA copies we get each year so by December I'm pretty much depleted. My daughter was there so she skipped the romance section. I miss reading romances.

Marissa said...

All these authors and their blog posts are great! And what a great idea to have this! Thanks!

Criss said...

Hi Guys! You sure had fun today! Awesome line up of books! Wonderful authors and awesome books, I'm so happy right now. I hope i get my hands on least one this fabulous books!
Happy Holidays!

Emily Pikkasso said...

Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings! Blessed Solstice! I'm late as usual, but wanted to drop in. What a great party! Congrats Kay Dee and Danielle! I'll drop by tomorrow too to see what other offerings there are. Great to see so many wonderful books showcased together like this.
Hugs to All

Kay Dee Royal said...

Back for a minute...just fixed grandson rootbeer float *smile*

Alix - I'd love one of those yummy cookies...thanks for offering.

Hi Martha - so nice to be able to spend time with DH, sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by - come back tomorrow if you can.

Hi again Barbara...good luck on the're definitely in the drawing. Thanks for stopping by. glad you like the posts...Muse has some fantastic authors for sure. Thanks for stopping in. More tomorrow.

Hi Criss *waves* thanks for stopping in to the party...we sure know how to have a good time. Have a couple of Alix's cookies...yummy.

Merry Christmas, Nancy/Emily...glad you stopped in ~ we'll see you tomorrow for sure. We're planning another huge party.

Patsy said...

Happy Holidays!

Kristin Snouffer said...

Sharing the chocolate man vamps, Kay Dee?! Oh no! I'm merely lending them out to be borrowed this weekend, it is the season after all.

Payment, however, is required for the Seven Minutes in Heaven- and Brandy is sold separately!!!

No blood necessary for the participation in any Vampire Family events.



Alix said...

Since no blood is necessary Kristin, I'll take part! *grin* When do I have to return them? I have the brandy AND the chocolate. *chuckle* I just want to know the deadline so I don't get into trouble. *laugh*

I promise to return them in the condition I recieved them. *smirk*

Oh and what is the payment? *grin*

Patti P said...

Wow this is great. Thanks for the chance. Even if I don't win anything I have lots to add to my wish list!
musicalfrog at

Gabby said...

Oooh these books look good especially that werewolf one the little Christmas blurb was so sweet!

Thanks for this awesome chance to win something!

Kristin Snouffer said...

Oh, Alix! Payment is only your SOUL!

That's the power of the Muse Authors...corruption!

Jenna Storm said...

This was a great idea. It's so nice to scroll down and see blurbs and story info for these books. They sound so good and it's one beautiful cover after another. Please Santa bring me a Kindle and if you don't... I'll continue downloading PDF's!

Great job everyone. Some of these books are in my current library and I can't wait to get to them.

Go Muse!

DL Thomas said...

Wow! All the books sound great!
Now I have even more to add to my TBB/TBR

Happy Holidays!

S.Durham said...

OKay I did come in late last night after shopping, but alas everyone had retired. What a turnout though! So cool!!!

*Waves* Patti, Gabby, Deb and Criss! We love to have readers party with us, even if we are a little crazy at times:)

Catherine, hope you were intrigued by these Christmas posts...I know I was:)

Chocolate vamp men, bring them on Kristin!

Brandy, I agree the cover of The Lycan Moon is amazing, thank you for saying so:)

Sharon, I've been doing that low carb thing too, but it just sort of went out the window with the Holidays, but your alternative cuddling with Daniel sounds like a great plan:)LOL

Bluelady, so glad you found the party!

Waves and cheers to all my fellow authors. And Jenna and Lisa, I've been looking for your releases, have they come out yet or are they still pending?

Well better get over to the continuation of this awesome party happening today.

See you there!


Rosalie Skinner said...

Wow, what a gathering, authors, chocolate and coffee... no wonder it's an awesome party. Glad there is no blood required.
The line up of blurbs and covers is tremendous. So many books to read.
I love the idea of chocolate vamp men. Don't tell Jay and Joy I had to laugh at then helping Alix's in the kitchen. I could see that wasn't a good idea. LOL.
Still... another coffee and who knows who will be dancing on the tables...
Great collection, all worth marking on my to read list. Thanks Kay Dee for a great party!