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RRR Features A Chat with Seducing The Myth Authors

Hello Seducing the Myth authors – I’m Sharon Hamilton, your host for Ravencraft’s Romance Realm. Great to have you all here and I see you’re ready to answer a few questions. This is exciting having so many at once, truly an honor and…a party (woot-woot)!

Lucy Felthouse
Lucy Felthouse, I understand you’re the proud editor– impressive selection of twenty-four erotica romance myths and legends. Here’s a better description – Lucy’s own words:

Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist is a collection of 24 tantalizing tales that lead you on a decadent journey through mythologies the world over.

As well as stories from the popular Greek and Roman periods, this anthology will also delight you with Arabian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish, Norse, Slavic, Sumerian and Welsh myths and legends. Add in a delicious sprinkling of fairies, mermaids and ancient fertility rituals and you have a recipe for a wickedly erotic read!

 Click Cover for Buy Link

SH: Here’s a listing of Stories & Authors as they appear in the book:


Djinn and Tonic by Lexie Bay

Andi in Chains by Fulani

The Weary Traveller by Indigo Skye

In the Springtime by Elizabeth Thorne

Logan's Treasure by Lisa Fox

Beltane Fire by Hawthorn

Down By The Pool by Lucy Felthouse

Stones by K D Grace

Golden Apples by Rachel Randall

The True Folly of Icarus by Saskia Walker

Blooming April's Flower by Jillian Murphy

Apsara by Burton Lawrence

Saving Orpheus by Indigo Skye

Q is for... by Caz Jones

Lilith: In Her Garden by Louisa Bacio

Iseult on her Wedding Day by Justine Elyot

The Dark Night Rusalka by Rebecca Bond

The Lady of the Flowers by Shan Ellis

In A Dry and Dusty Land by Lydia Nyx

A Temple for Hera by Maxine Marsh

Maiden's Grail by Bronwyn Green

God of Pleasure by J. C. Martin

Mushroom Hunting with Eros by Kay Dee Royal

Valkyrie's Queen by Toni Sands

SH: I gave the authors a few questions and asked them to respond to one or two – their answers are listed below under their story title. Some have included some of their links.

We would love for anyone visiting to feel free to ask questions – the authors will be stopping in periodically throughout today and Saturday in hopes of catching some chat time with you – so ask away.

Also – they are giving away prizes!! A few lucky commenters will walk away winners. Leave a comment along with your email address to be entered into their giveaway drawing – it will happen on Sunday, high noon and winners will be announced here on this link in the comment section. (prizes listed below) GOOD LUCK!!

Now – one to the good stuff…take it away STM authors…

Golden Apples by Rachel Randall

What do you tell your family and friends? Or do you?

I tell them I write erotic romance and then we leave it at that. Though many of my friends do want to read my stories. My day-job colleagues know I write, though I keep it fairly mysterious; a shame, as I think many of them would be really quite interested! I've had disasters in my past when I was sneaking the work photocopier for a manuscript and accidentally copied a sex scene onto the back of an official government document that I nearly gave to my boss. OOPS. Although, really, in an ideal world that sounds like a recipe for an office-kink story, doesn't it? ;)

Do you read erotic fiction on a regular basis and what do you like/love about it?

I don't actually read very much erotic fiction, but when I do, I love anthologies like Seducing the Myth, because they give me a chance to sample all these different writers and writing styles. When I find one I like, I'll definitely checkout the backlist. What I love about reading romance is the intensity of emotions -- and there's nothing better than really great erotic romance for a concentrated hit!

Delicious stories you'll want to devour
Find me at, &

In a Dry and Dusty Land by Lydia Nyx

How did you get started writing erotic romance?

I think I was always predisposed to writing about sex, though in my teens I mostly wrote horror. My friends might tease me I'm a smut peddler, but the world sure does love smut! I've always enjoyed writing about sex and I think I'm pretty good at it.

What are you working on now?

 I'm writing the sequel to my urban fantasy debut, Black Shore of the White City. It's supposed to be a trilogy, but we'll see if I can stop at three! I'm also going to answer some more of Storm Moon Press' anthology calls, because they're always so interesting!

Lydia Nyx, erotica and romance differently twisted, for your pleasure:

In The Springtime by Elizabeth Thorne

I've been writing erotic romance since graduate school. I'd be cooped up in the lab in the middle of the night, killing time between experiments, and since I loved reading erotica, I thought I'd try writing it. It's such a wonderful method of escape for me, both as a writer and a reader. Right now, I'm working on several short stories for anthology submissions, but I'm also working on a historical novel that, while technically an erotic romance, is really about trying to upset traditional notions of gender and what women can and cannot do.


Blooming April's Flower by Jillian Murphy
I started erotica because a writing friend encouraged me. I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did.

My husband and a couple of close friends know I write erotica. All the others think I work strictly on children's books.


God of Pleasure by J. C. Martin

God of Pleasure is my first ever erotica piece! :) Although I have read erotic romance, I've never attempted writing it, but since I enjoy mythology, Lucy's anthology prompt (mythology-themed erotica) really inspired me to give it a go! Sex, gods and magical beings...erotica can't get any more exotic than that!

I'm just completing edits of a crime novel, Oracle, which has already entered the querying stage (fingers crossed!). The next novel I'm working on (previously titled Sound of the Underground, but now tentatively renamed Labyrinth) will feature the same detective. I'm also working on a collection of short stories/novelettes themed around the horror of seemingly everyday objects.

Down by the Pool by Lucy Felthouse

Where do you get your ideas? Can you give us an example?

I get my ideas from all kinds of places. It can be a book, a TV show, a person, an event, a name... anything. Literally anything is ripe for my imagination to twist into a story.

A good (and very relevant) example is how I came up with my story for Seducing the Myth. I love spending time outdoors, and particularly enjoy the Peak District, it's my local stomping ground. I'm also passionate about local history and folklore and when I picked up a book on myths and legends in the Peak District, one in particular jumped out at me - about a mermaid inhabiting a pond high on the moors in the Peak District. I simply had to visit the place, and it really sparked my imagination. It's so lonely and eerie, yet beautiful. I didn't do anything about it, however, until I started putting together my call for submissions for Seducing the Myth. It was then that I decided what my story was going to be about - that lonely pool and the mermaid that's reputed to live within its depths. If you want to find out more... well, you'll just have to read the anthology, won't you? ;)

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a novella for one of the publishers I write for. It's going to be the longest piece I've ever written (that currently stands at just 12k! I started as a short story writer and am working hard to branch out into longer works) and I'm both excited and nervous. It's an erotic romance tentatively titled Off the Shelf. Fingers crossed it'll be accepted - if so, expect to see it appearing in spring next year!

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Lucy Felthouse – Freelance Writer, PR, Marketing & Web Design at

Lilith: In Her Garden by Louisa Bacio

Where do you get your ideas? Can you give us an example?

My story ideas come from real life, dreams, fantasies … It all depends upon what I’m doing. I love watching people, and as a writer – and reporter – I’m pretty observant. Sometimes I’ll overhear a bit of conversation that’s out of context and it’ll trigger a story idea.

When it comes to mythology, as in the Seducing the Myth anthology, I have a master’s degree in English. The world of the gods, and the various stories on how things work within our universe, fascinate me.

What are you working on now?

The paranormal world within New Orleans once again captured my muse. I’m in the midst of the sequel to The Vampire, the Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome. Titled Chains of Silver, the book focuses on the werewolf’s sister Silver, who was adopted at birth, and we also continue with the storyline of our original threesome. 


Maiden's Grail by Bronwyn Green

I got started writing erotic romance after attempting to break into the
traditional romance market. I kept getting lovely rejection letters that
asked me to tone down the heat level and resubmit. I didn't have a lot of
luck toning it down and a friend dared me to turn up the heat and write
erotic romance. I did that and I haven't looked back.

Right now, I'm working on several shifter stories, a holiday story and in
a total departure for me, a YA novel.!/Bronwyn_Green

Mushroom Hunting with Eros by Kay Dee Royal

How did you get started writing erotic romance?

It started writing as a career move, away from the corporate world. I signed up for a two-year course writing children’s literature – and have written three books under a different name. None published at this time.

I was familiar with romance, because I wrote it for fun since high school. But, I never pursued it as a career. Then I saw this add for a ghost writer – a fledgling erotica author needed some help. I did the job, which was writing the love/sex scenes…and man, I loved it. The words flowed from my fingertips and I fell in love with the genre.

It took me a bit to pack up my children’s writing and begin over again in a new niche, but I’ve not regretted doing it. I hooked up with an awesome e-publishing house, Muse It Hot Publishing, and have a number of books in different phases of getting published.

It’s such a kick to love what you do, and do what you love.

A Temple for Hera by Maxine Marsh

Where do you get your ideas? Can you give us an example?

My ideas can come from anywhere, really. I've come up with concepts seemingly out of thin air, or I've read titillating myths that get my gears grinding. I have a love for old horror and tend to dip into those waters when I want to write something on the darker side. For me "A Temple for Hera" story in Seducing The Myth, I found an old tale about a queen who became ill after ignoring Hera's request. It has an interesting twist toward the end.

Do you read erotic fiction on a regular basis and what do you like/love about it?

I do, and I truly believe every writer MUST read within their genre (and outside of it) to maintain the inspiration and to be able to connect with what readers want to read! If I have any trouble at all getting writing done, I sit down with a hot story or novel and it never fails to get the juices flowing, so to speak. I love erotica for the same reasons everyone else does: it's stimulating and inspiring. Sex is just as much a part of life as any other activity, and can be such a great way to define characters.

What are you working on now?

Well, I've just finished edits for a dark, erotic short that is being release by Noble Publishing in November, and I'm very proud of it. I also have a longish story in an anthology from Freaky Fountain Press coming out at the end of the month. I'm always working on unique ideas for calls, and I've got a few novellas in the works, my favorite of which is an erotic horror story that is shaping up beautifully. Hopefully I'll be able to announce where it will be published soon, so check out for updates!

Beltane Fire by Hawthorn

How did you get started writing erotic romance?

Totally by accident and out of the blue. I wrote and posted a short story at about four years ago, but then I completely forgot about erotica and concentrated on other things (fantasy novels, other short stories, my freelance editing business). Then last year I happened to find Lucy Felthouse's call for submissions for her Uniform Behaviour anthology, and I thought - hell, why not? Long story short, I wrote a story called Venus and it was accepted for publication, and then I followed up with Beltane Fire in Lucy's new Seducing the Myth antho. In between I've written other things, both erotica and more family-friendly fantasy fiction, and had one short story accepted elsewhere (others in the pipeline).

What do you tell your family and friends? Or do you?
My partner knows about the erotica I've written, as do a couple of close friends, but no one else - I write under a pseudonym, partly because I work in education and also because I run a freelance editing business under my given name. Also, I have young children, and I think I'd rather not run the risk of them (or their friends) stumbling across any of my steamier stories on the internet!

Do you like shorts or full length books and why?

In general, I prefer to write novels or novellas - I think any good story must be character-driven, and I like having the freedom to stretch my narrative wings and explore different aspects of characters' emotions and motivations. That said, to date I've written four erotic short stories, and I quite like the emotional charge and intensity of creating those flashbulb scenarios. (I do always want to find out what happens to the characters next, though - maybe I should try an erotic novel.)

Twitter: @midlandthorn

Apsara by Burton Lawrence

How did you get started writing erotic romance?

 I got this idea about a couple going to a Hedonism-type resort and decided to write it. From there, that got me interested in erotic fiction. I googled erotic fiction and found Literotica, from there, I was hooked.

Where do you get your ideas? Can you give us an example?

I love nothing more than solving a problem. For example, I've taken 1st and 2nd in Literotica's "Nude Day" contest in different years. For me, the challenge of that contest is not to build nudity into the story without sexualizing nudity because the point of National Nude Day is to celebrate the human body...but not necessarily objectify it. That's one example. Interestingly, by trying to fit the theme but also not be predictable, my tales ended up being that much more creative. By the way, my Literotica handle is ShyChiWriter.

What do you tell your family and friends? Or do you?

Ha! I've won three online contests and had my work included in several collections now. The only person who knows is my wife. My free copies of the collections I've been included in sit hidden high on a shelf in our bedroom - broken out only for special occasions ; ) I also write professionally in the worlds of theatre and 'straight' fiction, so I can at least brag in those arenas. I think that's actually one reason I don't crow too much about my erotic endeavors, because a lot of my other writing is in the family arena.

Do you read erotic fiction on a regular basis and what do you like/love about it?

I'd say my erotic reading, like my other reading, waxes and wanes with the cycles of the moon - or something. In truth, though, it all comes down to story for me - whether I'm writing or reading. So, like any fiction, I like good erotic fiction with strong characters and good story elements. I certainly enjoy the added rush one can get from reading erotic fiction, but I like the eroticism to be woven into the fabric of a good story.

What are you working on now?

I am actually currently polishing up a YA Novel (obviously non-erotic) that's been sitting in my electronic drawer waiting for revisions. I'm also in the process of cleaning up several of my erotic science fiction stories and I'm going to Kindle them up into a collection.

Do you like shorts or full length books and why?

In a perfect world, I love full-length books. However, between a full-time job, kids, and my own writing - I rarely have the time to curl up and read a full book any more. So, for the past few years I've really been drawn to short-story collections because I know I can sit down and finish at least one story (like, for example, in Seducing the Myth).

Djinn and Tonic by Lexie Bay

Where do you get your ideas? Can you give us an example?

I get my ideas from the people I meet every day.  I love to imagine what might happen between people given the opportunity and then I translate that onto the page.  I do spend a huge amount of time daydreaming and fantasising every day but that’s most of the fun of being a writer!  I also use gorgeous celebrities as inspiration for the guys in my stories.  For instance, in Djinn and Tonic I was thinking about Jake Gyllenhaal when I pictured my genie in the flesh.  I have to admit that there are a couple of guys I work with who would blush if they knew they were in a couple of my stories too!

What are you working on now?

At the moment I’m working on a short for Rachel Kramer Bussell’s new call for submission, about female submission.  It’s an area I’m fascinated by, but not something I’ve written about before so I’m learning a lot.  I’m thinking that maybe I need to do some hands on research for this one!  I’m also working on a Shifter story which is turning out to be longer than I thought it would be.  I was originally thinking novella but I think maybe now I could go all the way!  I’m excited about getting back into the swing of things – the summer holidays have cramped my style a little, so I’m looking forward to some long, dark winter nights to fill with smut J

Giveaways Seducing the Myth Authors are offering

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The Vampire, PDF copy of The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio,

"Halloween Erotica" an anthology by Burton Lawrence.

Thank you Seducing the Myth authors for joining RRR today and sharing a bit of yourselves and your stories. I, and everyone at RRR wish you success with your awesome anthology.

Everyone stopping in to visit – don’t forget to leave a comment along with your email addy for your chance to win in the giveaway happening on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sharon Hamilton, for Ravencraft Romance Realm


Kay Dee Royal said...

Hey Everyone! We're at the Realm! I'm servin' up mini breakfast cocktails...lookin' forward to chatting together - hearing all about the details of writing your Myth or Legend.

Get comfortable and enjoy the next couple of days...this is a nice place to hang out. (smile)

Jennifer Mathis said...

Howdy authors . First I got to say I love Myths so Seducing the Myth is so on my tbb list ( come on payday) My question Do you all use each other as a sounding board when your in a corner for writing the stories ?

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hello Jennifer - thanks for stopping! I'm up late tonight, so popped in to check the place out and saw you here. We actually came together (all of the authors) after the book was written. We have our own little Yahoo Group and it's still under development (smile) - we haven't discovered all the ways we could use it yet.

Good luck in the drawing!

J.C. Martin said...

Hello everyone! Big thank you to the lovely ladies of Ravencraft for having us over! Like Kay Dee, I'm intrigued by how (and where) everyone got the inspirations for the myth behind the story, particularly the less well-known legends! Which is why I'm also doing a weekly promo post on my blog about it! It's up every Thursday if you're interested! :)

Lucy Felthouse said...

Hey everyone - thanks for stopping by!

@Jennifer, I think Kay Dee already answered your question. Basically I put a call out for submissions and authors sent stories to me, and I chose the ones I wanted in the anthology. I hope you'll agree that they're all awesome!

J. D. Brown said...

It's 3:54 AM here where I'm from and we already have 5 comments. Holy cow!

Okay, I'll come back when I'm more awake.

Welcome STM authors to RRR and Kay Dee and Sharon, you ladies are excellent hosts, as always. :)

- Danielle Ravencraft

Kay Dee Royal said...

Good morning everyone - rainy here, but an awesome day just the same.

Lucy Felthouse also has STM authors at her place on Mondays talking about the story they wrote for the anthology.

AND, J.C. told you about her place - fun to read how and why the authors came up with their Myth or Legend thread for an erotica story.

Hey everyone - I told you this place rocks!!

Maxine Marsh said...

Good morning everyone (I guess it's never too early to talk about sexy myths)! I'm excited to see you ladies here, thanks to the Realm for having us. I can't get enough of reading about the other authors' inspirations. Hope the readers enjoy!

Elizabeth N. Spire said...

Hi Lucy, just popped by to say 'Hi', while on a coffee break from writing!

Liz x

Bronwyn Green said...

Good morning everyone and thanks so much to the Realm for hosting us! You guys rock!! :D

Rachel Randall said...

Groetjes from Holland! Just stopping by to say, would love to answer any questions about Golden Apples if anyone has them :)

Justine Elyot said...

Hi everyone - sorry I didn't get my act together in time to send something in for this, but great to see all the contributions and comments.

Seducing the Myth has such a great variety of stories - something for all tastes.

shadow_kohler said...

Great post! I love Myths and your stories sound so good! Your stories have been added to my wishlist! Cant wait to read it! When you found out your book was going to be published, how did you all celebrate? Do you do anything special? Thanks for sharing and for the giveaways!

Louisa Bacio said...

What a great mix-up! Thanks to Lucy to bringing all these wonderful authors together! And, Lydia, I also focused on horror as a teen. Maybe as a way to work through all those emotions?

J. D. Brown said...

Howdy guys - Danielle checking in again. Anyone need anything? A drink? Coffee? :-)

This is an exciting weekend. The biggest author interview and gathering we've had so far. Thanks for coming everyone.

~ Danielle Ravencraft

J. D. Brown said...

@Louisa - Hey! You probably don't remember me but I took one of your workshops on How's it going? :-)

Charlene A. Wilson said...

What a great gathering!

Rachel - You copied an erotic scene to the back of a document that was going to your boss???? Oh my word! LOL. *thinks what would happen if I'd done that to any of mine* hmmm knowing some of them, yeah, the kinks might have happened. :D

Welcome to the realm, everyone, and Great job ladies!

Sharon Hamilton said...

I just felt like I hit the jackpot. So many great new authors to read. I don't know where to start, except with this excellent book!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Lucy, and other talented ladies, let's do an anthology:

Seducing a SEAL. Great collection and I can't wait to read these stories.

I wrote an erotic story for my husband's birthday. Of course, he emailed all his friends, and I had to nicely tell him that was a no-no. But I like that he loved it enough to send it on, even if I had a hard time looking at any of them in the face.

Louisa Bacio said...

@ J.D. Thanks for the shout-out! Definitely remember your name. So nice of you to host all of us crazies myth-mysters!

Rachel Randall said...

@Charlene -- LOL I know right! OOPS :)

ChiSciFiWriter said...

Hiya Shadow,

It is always a nice email to get when you find your work included in a a collection. We're a fairly global group, so I suppose you could say we raised a virtual glass to each other as we said 'hey' 'congrats', 'excited' etc.

Kay Dee Royal said...

@ J.D. & Louisa - Yea - I took Louisa's classes at Savvy Authors also, only another name (LOL) -We probably took the same one - Was it about sex scenes??

This is like a party goin' on here - I could hear ya all from way down the street!! (LOL)

Bri Clark said...

OK I'm sufficiently enticed. I want the books. I want it Now. I want to win it!!!!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Sorry rules and all (LOL).

@ Lexi -'re thinking about hands-on know I've heard a number of authors open to experiences to give more realistic spice to their work. Hmmm

Hawthorn said...

Hi all - great post, and fab to see so much interest being generated here and elsewhere on the internet as well.
Looking forward to following the discussion here and hanging out with y'all!
Hawthorn X

J.C. Martin said...

The party's getting on! :)

Shadow - I don't know how the rest of the authors celebrated, but when I found out my story was accepted and will be published, I was all "Really?" Hadn't expected my first ever attempt at erotica to get accepted! But I'm so glad it's here, and I'm in such fantastic writerly company!

Kay Dee Royal said...

@ J.C. The party is getting on. Isn't it awesome! I didn't realize God of Pleasure was your first written erotica story - way to go! a pro. Smile.

S.Durham said...

Better late than never as they say, and hey I'm out on the west coast afterall:) How fun to hear a little about how each of you started writing erotica, and what a cool idea for an anthology! I haven't read alot of erotica, but I think this would be a good way to start:) Especially sampling all these styles of authors... Congratulations to all the authors and Lucy for putting it together.

Cheers, Sara

Lydia Nyx said...

A little bit late getting in here (the day job kept me away!) but I just wanted to say I'm really pleased to be in the company of so many awesome authors! Thanks for having us here today!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for stopping in...and you're right about getting an array of samplings. I actually read a lot of anthologies for that reason - I find some good authors that way.
Congratulations to you for Powers. Exciting! It's on my TBR list (ever growing list). LOL
So glad you made to our party.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Wow, we've had a fab response so far, that's awesome! I, for one had an excellent time putting the anthology together and the response has been amazing, I'm so pleased!

*raises glass* happy weekend, everyone!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning everyone - got a good night's sleep and am ready and rarin' to go.

@So, Lucy...have you given any thought to a Seducing the Myth II? (tee-hee)

Lucy Felthouse said...

@Kay Dee Royal - behave yourself, you! ;)

Kay Dee Royal said...

@Lucy - Okay...but it's tough...I think because I'm enjoying this experience so much with the STM author group. Thanks for having a vision and bringing it to fruition. You ROCK, Lucy!

Caroline said...

Hi everyone, sorry I'm late!

Shadow - I celebrated with a big whoop and a one-woman conga around the living room while the dogs looked at me as if I'd gone crazy (nothing new there...!)


PattiP9001 said...

Hello everyone. This is a great post so far and I am bummed that I won't be able to check in as regularly as I would on a normal day. My hubby decided to have a bbq today so I will have to make excuses to go to the bathroom and log on every so

musicalfrog at

Kay Dee Royal said...

@Caroline - me too!! I danced around like a one-woman show and my dog ran around with me barking at my heels...maybe it's because I sounded a bit off-key with my added singing. LOL

I also treated myself to a giant-sized iced Mocha (dang, I love those things).

Naomi Bellina said...

Hello! I like the comment by Lydia Nyx...she's a smut peddler but the world does love smut! Romance is the top selling genre, last I heard, and it's very nice to know that women are enjoying the erotic side of love.

J. D. Brown said...

Wow, nice party we have going on here!

@Kay Dee and Luisa - Yes! It was her writing a sex scene workshop! Wow, small world. ;-) And Luisa, we're crazy too. HAHA.

@J.C. - My first published piece was also my first attempt at erotica and a short story (A Trace of Love). Good way to get a foot into the industry, huh? :) Wishing you many more successes.

Danielle Ravencraft

Audra said...

I love myths and to combine them with erotica is great

Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning everyone - today is the drawing (Sunday) at high noon Eastern Standard Time.

Good Luck - There's still time to enter - leave a comment with your email addy.

The authors are still hanging out to answer questions.

J.C. Martin said...

Good luck, everyone!

Kay Dee & J.D. -- Thanks. :) I'm not sure how much erotica I'll be writing in the future, but I sure enjoyed writing this one!

Caroline said...

Not sure what time it is EST now (I'm in the UK, battening down the hatches as we wait for the tail end of Katia to hit my part of Scotland), but good luck to everyone in the draw!

Caz x

Sharon Hamilton said...

Great couple of days, ladies! So happy you guys graced us here at The Realm. I'm totally a gushing fan.

Come back again. This was so much fun, reading all the excerpts and the great post responses. This is the best of the best, IMHO.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Sharon - I'm just getting ready to select the winners -

This was an awesome good time - a real true party!

Kay Dee Royal said...



Audra - Seducing the Myth Anthology

Naomi - $15 gift card

S. Durham - Any Single Author Book by Bronwyn Green

Jennifer Mathis - The Vampire, The Witch, and the Werewolf by Louisa Bacio

PattiP - Halloween Erotica anthology by Burton Lawrence

Shadow Kohler - Big Girls Don't Cry Wolf by Kay Dee Royal

CONGRATULATIONS All of you!! Thank you so much for visiting Ravencraft's Romance Realm and visiting with the authors of Seducing The Myth. We wish you all good cheers, all successes, and much abundance.

J. D. Brown said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!

STM Authors - Thanks so much for being a part of RRR. Please think of us for your next book event. :-)

Kay Dee and Sharon - Excellent work, ladies! Thanks for hosting this. I think this calls for after-party pizza and drinks. ;-)

Danielle Ravencraft

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Congratulations everyone! Fun, fun weekend!