Thursday, August 25, 2011

RRR Presents - Kathleen McFall & Clark Hayes, Paranormal Author Duo

Ravencraft Romance Realm is honored to introduce Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall, a Paranormal Romance Author duo/team and our Guests for the day. Congratulations on your newest release, The Cowboy and the Vampire.

Thank you both for giving us some insight into the world of duo writing.

Here’s Clark Hayes and Kathleen McFall…

Anniversary Lost

How writing together keeps us close — probably too close.

Our thirteenth wedding anniversary was two weeks ago. Thirteen years! Hold your congratulations, though. We both forgot it. We had been so busy, consumed, editing our next novel Blood and Whiskey that the day caught us unawares.

It was one of those awful, sitcom moments. ‘Kathleen called Clark at work to find out when their anniversary was and both realized, with slowly dawning horror, it was that day.’

Then we laughed about it, made plans to pick up some champagne and spent the night editing.

(Note: We did celebrate the next weekend with more champagne — we’re sensing a theme here — and candles. Call it “research” for love scenes.)

Writing off into the sunset
We are a rare breed – writers who collaborate and cohabitate.

We started working on The Cowboy and the Vampire before we were even married. After a fiery and passionate first meeting, we took a two-year break to heal our scorched hearts and figure out how to contain the passion between us. When we rekindled things, we decided to work together on a creative project. That’s how TCATV was born.

It was an amazing process in which the lessons we learned writing together — how to give and take, how to collaborate, how to trust your partner — shaped our relationship and vice versa. The book was published in 1999 and sold well, but we lost momentum. Life got in the way and even though we had to shift energy to our professional lives — Kathleen works in communications for a medical university and Clark works in communications for a national financial services company — we continued writing together and continue drawing sustenance from the creative energy crackling between us.

Romance writing: a double-edged sword
Almost ten years to the day TCATV came out, the popularity of Vampires (maybe you’ve heard of a little series called Twilight or True Blood) prompted a re-release with a sexy new cover and a strong marketing push. Keep in mind that when the book first came out, there was no Facebook (check out our Facebook page) and building a webpage was an ordeal (check out our webpage, too). Based on this renewed success, we’re hard at work on Blood and Whiskey and deeply enjoying writing together.

But it is a double-edged sword. Between the creative work, the marketing and our “day jobs,” there never seems to be enough time for each other. We find ourselves writing of a passionate love for the ages — between Tucker and Lizzie, our heroes — while our own relationship is sometimes left idling in the parking lot. Shades of “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” by Nowlan (a great, short poem if you haven’t read it).

Still, the energy and passion that goes into every page, the way Tucker faces down armies of Vampires to protect Lizzie, and the way she catches his gaze across the room to let him know she wants him, well, those are echoes of our own feelings. And working together on a fictional romance gives us something to aspire to when it comes to real life.

We may miss a few anniversaries, but that’s only because we’re focused on writing and deepening our own relationship. Plus, we always know the perfect gift for anniversaries missed or celebrated — paper. No matter what the etiquette guides tell you, paper is always the perfect gift for a writer, even if it’s a virtual page in an eReader. Paper, and more time.

About the authors:
Kathleen McFall was born and raised in Washington, DC, and her experiences there, from protests and riots to hanging out in the corridors of the Supreme Court and wandering around the Capitol, filled her sense of place with history and granite. A geologist by training, she excelled in scientific and non-fiction  writing, translating complex scientific papers into engaging articles. Those skills are now focused on paranormal fiction. An avid reader, she spends every spare moment working with Clark Hays on their next book … and forgetting anniversaries.

Clark Hays was born in Texas and grew up mostly in Scotland and then Montana. In Montana, he was raised on a working ranch so did all the expected cowboy things — riding, roping, hunting, branding cattle and writing poetry (hey, wait a minute). The openness of the landscape and the solitude (the nearest neighbor was five miles away, the nearest town – 2,500 people – was 30 miles away) provided a constant source of inspiration, very little distractions and a chance to really be alone with his thoughts. In this solitude, he found his calling — writing — early. When he’s not writing, he’s reading or scrambling to find a last minute anniversary gift.

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About the book:
The Cowboy and the Vampire
brings together two of the most iconic characters — cowboys and vampires — and crashes them together in a story about love, culture clash and, of course, evil plans to take over the world. We’ve thrown in a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud humor, a rich portrayal of life in the modern West and fresh new take on the Vampire myth (religion meets evolutionary biology).

Learn more:
And check out the novella Red Winter, by Clark Hays, edited by Kathleen McFall, released as an e-book in August.


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 Thank you, Kathleen and Clark, it's been a wonderful day learning about your duo writing process. Congratulations again, on The Cowboy and the Vampire. May you both have many, many more successes.

Thank you to everyone who stopped and visited with Kathleen and Clark. You're awesome!!


Kay Dee Royal said...

Good Morning Clark and Kathleen - it's great to have you stopping in on your Bewitching Book Tour ( I love hearing all about your writing process as a team. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have a writing partner to brainstorm with right there beside me through every step of writing my novel.
I'm sure it has a downside once in a while, like any relationship, it takes some nurturing work - but what fun when things are running smoothly.
Make yourselves at home...I'll grab the coffee.

Paulette said...

Read The Cowboy and the Vampire when it first came out, love it to this day, recommend it to anyone that will listen to me!
Can hardly wait to read Blood and Whiskey!
J.Paulette Forshey

CowboyandVampire said...

Kay Dee, good morning to you too! It's a great day, nice and sunny here in Oregon (finally, not raining!) Thanks for hosting us on your blog. We are excited to be here!

CowboyandVampire said...

Paulette! Thanks for your kinds words, we are approaching the final stretch on Blood and about halfway through the first edit of the full manuscript.

J. D. Brown said...

Wow this was a great interview! I often daydream about what it would be like to date a guy who understands the writing process. My boyfriend is completely clueless, but he tries so hard to be understanding and supportive. He just doesn't get why it sometimes seems like I love my writing more than I love him (like when IIII forget about our anniversary! Oh boy - try explaining that to a NON writer! LOL)

The Cowboy and the Vampire sounds awesome. I've not heard of it before this, but I'm a huge vampire fan (read and own all the Twilight books, currently obsessed with True Blood) so you can be sure TCATV is going on my reading list!

Danielle Ravencraft

S.Durham said...

Interesting interview Kathleen and Clark! It's a very special gift that you two can collaborate together, and it was fun learning about your writing life together. Did I here someone mention Oregon?:) Must add TCAV to my reading list...

Cheers and best wishes on The Cowboy and the Vampire, from a fellow Oregonian:)


CowboyandVampire said...

J.D., it's not all creative harmonizing and forgotten anniversaries. We have MORE than our share of fights about everything from what a character would eat to whether em-dashes are phallic. But at the end of the day, we gladly come back for more. It's pretty amazing. But "tries hard to be understanding and supportive" sounds like it might be a pretty good place too ...!

CowboyandVampire said...

Thanks Sara. Oregon kind of rocks. From the brooding forests of the coast to the cowboy country in the high desert and beyond, it's the perfect place for vampires and cowboys to find some common ground.

Kay Dee Royal said...

Hey Kathleen and Clark - it looks like you've been keeping the place hopping.(smile)

It's a beautiful day in Michigan also - nice breeze going on, sunshiny, and about 80 degrees.

TCATV is also on my to-be-read list, which is steadily growing. Want to read this one so I'm ready for your next - LOL

It might be time for cocktails before dinner...anybody up for one...or two?

Karen C said...

Clark and Kathleen - I'm so eager to read TCATV!
Tell us something special about where you live in Oregon, please.

Kay Dee, I would be happy to join you for a cocktail or two! Still fighting triple digit heat and no rain in Texas, along with killer allergies. Cocktails are sounding real good right now!


Nikki said...

Book sounds awesome..good luck on the tour!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Wow. I mean seriously Wow. What a kick to be writing with the man you'd like to kill (sometimes). Hmmm....I have some seriously bad ideas.

I've been married 40 years this year, and boy could we write some bloody good things! In between the kisses, of course.

Thank you for hosting them, Kay Dee. Another "10". Holy Smoly do you know some great writers, girl. I'm hanging around you every chance I get.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Okay, gotta share. I showed my husband your cover. He asked me, "Did you order Kindle version or paperback?" I said Kindle. He frowned. So I bought him his very own paperback copy.

God I love that guy!

Charlene A. Wilson said...

It's great to meet you Clark and Kathleen. It really must be great to share the same talents and love of writing. That's rare and fantastic!

Best of luck on the tour and thanks for stopping by the Realm. :)

Kay Dee Royal said...

I guess it's time to wrap up the's been great fun having you here today, Clark & Kathleen.

Congratulations again...and looking forward to your next book.

Thank you both for being here.

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Kay Dee, we certainly shared a cocktail on behalf of the fun time we had here today. A sazerac for Clark and a modestly dirty martini for Kathleen. Glad to hear TCATV is sounding appealing to you!

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Karen, there's so much that's so special about Oregon. We just got back from a trip to Astoria where the mighty Columbia River flows into the ocean. It was cold enough we almost needed a fire, while in Portland, just 100 miles away, it was 96! But one of our new favorite places is a super remote town called Plush in southern corner and most remote part of the state. Plateaus and mountains surrounding a sage brush high desert with lakes and antelope and ... Sunstone mines. They are the state gemstone and so beautiful. Plush shows up in our next book!

CowboyandVampire said...

Thanks for the kind words Nikki. Hopefully you'll give the book a try and let us know how you like it.

CowboyandVampire said...

Sharon, 40 years!!! Congrats. And also, your husband sounds awesome. Hope he enjoys the book. I'm sure he's just reading it for the articles ... hey wait a minute!

CowboyandVampire said...

Charlene, what we have sure seems rare -- and precious -- to us. It was our pleasure to enter "the Realm"

CowboyandVampire said...

Kay Dee, thanks for inviting us and thanks for being such a great hostess. Hopefully you'll consider letting us visit again soon...

stacey said...

Sounds like A Different type of Vampire Story and i love Different .

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Stacey. It's different all right. Funny, scary and sexy ... and that's just the first chapter. Then it really takes off!

Brenda and Steve said...

It's great to meet another writing duo and to see you two are well connected in many aspects of your relationship and writing career. Steve and I write erotic romance. The writing & research helps us to keep our communication open and interesting. Researching together makes our sex scene that much hotter! LOL Keep up the good work.

hotcha12 said...


ruby95660 said...

Great post. It was really interesting. And this book sounds amazing! I would love to read it.


CowboyandVampire said...

Brenda and Steve, nice to meet you and happy to hear you're enjoying the writing, and researching, process! You should definitely friend us facebook, and on the cowboy and vampire page, sounds like we have a lot in common!

CowboyandVampire said...

Hi Ruby, you definitely will want to read it before Blood and Whiskey comes out.

Krystal Larson said...

I am so excited for this novel!!! Thank you for the chance to win-love the collaboration.

CowboyandVampire said...

Thanks Krystal. We think the collaboration really makes the book sizzle.