Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to Ravencraft's Romance Realm

What's up with the new name and who are all these authors?

I've decided to take the plunge and make this a group blog. Why? Because when it comes to blogging, I love working with a group. There is so much for you, the reader, to gain from a group of talented authors than I could ever give you alone. The new title, Ravencraft's Romance Realm, is exactly what it sounds like:  A blog all about Romance Fiction. From book reviews to author interviews to writing advice tailored to the genre we love, we include all sub-genres of romance, even erotic romance.

There will be contests, polls, give-aways, and even free short stories. So keep your eyes on the Realm.

As for who we are, we are a team of romance writers. You can read each author's bio by clicking on the About Us page, but you'll meet them all soon through their posts.

Marsha A. Moore writes Fantasy Romance
Charlene A. Wilson writes Fantasy / Sci-Fi Romance
Kay Dee Royal writes Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance
Sharon Hamilton writes Paranormal Romance
and myself, Danielle Ravencraft, writes Contemporary Erotic Romance

Highlighting A Trace of Love

As May turns into June and I count down the days, my excitement grows and grows! My debut short story, A Trace of Love, releases in August, and I can hardly wait to share it with everyone. I'm patiently awaiting the cover art, and that is so hard to do with the way my fellow Muse It Hot authors brag about Delilah's awesome art work.

A Trace of Love follows Ophelia Martinez and her high-school-crush-turned-rock-star, Trace Curtis. Self-absorbed Trace doesn't really recognize his old class-mate. After all, she was such a mouse of a girl back then. But he can't deny the fact that he's drawn to her. The closer they get, the more convinced Trace is that Ophelia is different. But when Ophelia dissapears, can Trace find her in time to tell her he loves her?

Short Excerpt:

He’d shared his bed with plenty of women in the past, but none of them made him feel the way she did; that sweet, frail girl whose voice rung when she laughed, whose skin smelled like honey dew melon. An urge rose from his chest, one so overwhelming it suffocated him. He wanted to be with her always. He wanted to hold her close and protect her, to be the only one to touch her, to love her.

Yes, that was it. Trace loved her. The realization sent his hand clawing at his chest. He had to find her. In a panic, he dressed and flew out of the hotel room. He almost forgot to check-out at the desk. Once outside, he realized he didn’t know where to begin looking for her. It drove him crazy that he couldn’t remember where he recognized her from. Hell, he didn’t even know her name. Great, Trace. This is just great.

Starting August 22nd, I'll be on tour - well, a blog tour, that is - with free copies of A Trace of Love to give away! So keep your eyes open this summer for a chance to win a free copy. You can also check out my events page on my website where I will post more information regarding the tour.

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